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    So Reg wants a new player for Drowthread. I suppose we could do with one, maybe two, more.

    Drowthread? Drowthread! The Drowthread is a party of (currently) three Drow lasses on a meandering quest for glory, fame, and power.
    The Drow are an evil racial offshoot of Elves with dark blue, gray, or black skin, white hair (although they often dye it), and unnatural beauty and grace even by Elven standards. Otherwise they're physically identical to Elves save for being a bit more fertile and having a higher birth rate.
    Drow are decadent, promiscuous, matriarchal, misandrist, superficial, cruel, sadistic and generally just evil and not very nice. Male Drow are at best second-class citizens, and at worse chattel slaves, with noble-born male Wizards being the sole exception. Non-Drow are sometimes permitted to live in ghettoes on the fringes of Drow cities, but are most typically are found in Drow cities only as slaves - with slavery being the base upon which Drow civilization is built.
    The Drow are an extremely paranoid people and assassination is the primary method of upwards social mobility. Most highborn Drow are so busy guarding from assassins that they rarely get to kill anyone, though. In essence, Drow society is held together by paranoia, hedonism, and fear of Goddess.
    The Drow worship the cruel goddess Lolth, Queen of the Demonweb Pits. Lolth is cruel, sadistic, demanding, and unreasonable. Every Drow mother must sacrifice her third-born son to the Goddess, and beyond that her priestesses serve to provide Lolth the constant praise and offerings she demands. Lolth bears little love for the Drow, and their relationship is essentially such that she merely hates them less than she hates everyone else.
    Drow society is esentially a constant struggle between the church and the various noble houses (who fight amongst themselves as well). It's an insane culture caught between an insane theocracy devoted to a demanding goddess, and a fickle and avaricious aristocracy.
    Drow live in the Underdark, a vast subterranean environment beneath the surface of the world. The Underdark is a series of caves and caverns, tunnels and vaults, which are poorly explored by surface folk, intermittently settled by natives, and home to all manner of strange and exotic creatures. The majority of Drow settlements are in the Middledark, the region of the Underdark 3-10 miles beneath the surface. The lower one goes in the Underdark, the more dangerous and alien things to get, with the Lowerdark (11+ miles below surface level) being home primarily to Illithids, Aboleths, Beholders, and various other aberrant horrors.
    The party at the moment is a trio of Drow cousins from a minor noble house, Alsiif the Demonic Sorceress, Ryyna Fama the Aristocrat, and Neitar Inthuul the Telepath. They've cut ties with their former house and set out on their own as adventurers, hoping to build up the fame, fortune, connections, and holdings needed to start their own house, or, perhaps failing that, at least marry into one of the Great Houses.
    For Goddess and Glory!

    Race choices are obviously limited to female Drow, but some templates like Half-Demon may be allowed - Drow are well known for their insatiable and often exotic sexual appetites.
    Class choices are more varied than even the other parties. Drow have preserved much of their pre-Cataclysm knowledge and thus have access to Artificers. They also have appropriated and stolen much from other Underdark and even surface cultures, and have access to Ninja. Plus all the base classes, and then some. Dovahkiin esque classes even. Fus.

    We need a good player who won't vanish. The party is open-ended and largely freeform so we need someone who can and will post often, as well. It's like Game of Thrones with spiders and big busted Elves.

    Questions? Comments? Concerns? Contact me and/or post here.

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