So I've been trying to develop my own style like everyone says you should do, although it looks pretty much like any other anime so far. Lately I've been trying to reflect a character's personality in their appearance, as well as work on consistency when drawing the same character multiple times.

Meet unnamed character No.1 for my unnamed Manga. She has a bright personality and is easily annoyed or ticked off. She is also a user of fire magic. Anything you see that does/doesn't reflect this, I'm just looking for second opinions. And also as mentioned before, any tips of making any of them look similar would also really help me improve.


Also note the drawing of her swinging a sword at the bottom left. Yeah, it's terrible. For some reason I just can't draw that small. Is there a trick to drawing characters that size or does it just take a really really fine pencil tip?

So, apart from everything already mentioned, anything you feel you need to critique on, I'm eager to hear it, I just want to learn and improve as much as I can from this point.