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Thread: Opinions?

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    in the end, does it really matter? the poses are quite generic character poses (typical escher girls sure I guess the character designs are a bit similar but is anyone really going to care? it's not like the guy did it better than hyung

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    Shit...when I looked at the original post, I'd thought that it was actually the same guy at first.

    Do I think it's unethical what this dude did? Nope. I kind of side with Clock on this (just not to that extreme lol). We as artist do copy, mimic, clone, wtf ever...personally, I think its whacked to jack somebody's poses & MAKE A PROFIT FROM IT. That lacks creativity, but using another's style isn't such big deal to me. I mean, Masamune Shirow (specifically Appleseed) was/ is a huge influence on my work & so is Jack Kirby (his early work with Marvel). When I was developing my personal style, I'd sit there & copy pages upon pages of both of their stuff & when I'm not constrained to a particular style during a project, my stuff can sometimes look like a blend of the two. Like Cype said, I think we copy others as a training tool.

    But using someone's work like this guy's done seems a bit over the top & fucking lazy. I don't care though because if he follows that trend...using already published work as a "template" will eventually wind up karmically bite him in the ass.

    Did I mention that this cat is lazy?

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    Hey does anyone know where I could get some Jordan 1 Back Toe or bred 11s?


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