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like everyone has said, your ideas are great. But I can tell from your lines you need to slow down and take some time to flesh out your drawings. Even if it is just a sketch, you still want people to know what's what in the picture, and that is something that is very hard to do when looking at your drawings. lets break it down: on the first pic, all the lines denotes a lot of action but I cant exactly tell whats going on. I'm assuming hes holding a cell phone or something and there's energy spiraling from it, but the hands and phone are so small I cant really tell.
The second picture I really like. the main problem with it is the head position and size, and again the hands are very small if not non-existent.
In the third pic,I like the idea but...the proportions are pretty off. It appears that you went for one perspective for the waist up and a totally different perspective for the waist down. in all your pictures you tend to draw the feet large, but these are WAY too big for the body's proportions for me to chalk it up to style.

all in all what I think you need to focus on is:
-Slow down your drawing process
-Make sure your lines connect with each other
-Work on hands
I understand.The first one actually i just rushed my ideas in and the second one is just practising more about machine guns and the third I acutally practising about the porpotion of her arm and leg since after i've done this http://chappy888.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4uasah
Anyway.Thanks for the thing that i need to focus and also I nid tips about figure pose too