So I've done a little sketching type stuff, thought I'd ask for help on opinions regarding where I'm going wrong - there's only so much a tutorial can tell you. There's a number of things that don't really seem to be getting into my head for example. It's wierd though - only after I looked at a tutorial did I realise my arms have a sort of fat to thin shape. It was a bit of a 'hey - that totally makes sense now. Awesome!' moment. Anyway... Avoiding going off on a tangent...

Uploaded some of the most recent stuff I've tried, with the first being the oldest going down to the newest - trying to focus on things I personally feel I'm not very good at (at all). Anatomy and hands are big one of those things. Apologies for horrible quality, phone camera... Don't have a scanner and I don't think my work would take tooo kindly to me bringing in a large sketchbook and making a little use of the equipment in office

No.1 - Some male anatomy ( upper half attempt )

It's annoying - this one fairly baffles me a bit... I'm doing things I see said in tutorials but struggling to wrap my head properly around it. I think with this one, in places, I got some small bits right... But in general several things just look off to me... The webbed armpit kinda sticks out a little freakishly I guess... I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to point out a few quick things and kind of run through a very ' Oh.. That looks a bit short / bit too fat... Possibly should have had a larger this' very quick hints and a short suggestion as to how it probably should have been done would be much appreciated!


No. 2 - Female with glasses attempt

I kinda failed at this one... Planned to do a sitting girl, but I got to the chest and just got totally stuck... The elbow is also a bit off but I sort of got lazy and 'this is fail' so rushed it through. I've left my guesslines in for the chest - I'd really appreciate if someone could give it a quick lookover and sort of give me a poke in the correct direction. Also - the glasses... are a bit wonky I fear... It was kinda difficult to emphasize that they are flat, rigid but rounded frames whilst still trying to suggest 3dness... How might you have done this better?

Finally - is the neck looking ok? I'mma bit thinking it is.. But something just kinda bothers me about it. I may just be being overly paranoid... But a second opinion would be highly appreciated!


I generally enjoy drawing and just letting my creativity loose on random stuff.. But when I hit walls like this it usually starts to drain the fun out and becomes more like work... Hoping it's something I'll get over!

Thanks for reading and if you happen to check them out and provide a little insight or criticism - thanks in advance!