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Thread: Your opinion on the best laptop?

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    I dunno man, it's pretty awesome when you can take something more powerful than an Xbox and PS3 combined with you and play whenever. Nadda mean, bruh? I mean, if you dig the stationary stuff, cool. I like laptops, cause there's a 85% larger chance single components won't die off.
    I've had desktops in the past, the harddrives end up burning out, or the MOBO gives out, or something else gives a shit. I've had about 4 laptops in recent years, only thing that dies is the battery pack, and even then I just keep em plugged up. Though they are dated quickly, which is why you pay more, so you're assured you're future proofed for a bit. I don't see any games taking full optimized advantage of DX11 any time soon. DX11 is meant to make games look better, and run faster, but atm you got games like Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon, Crysis2, etc. And they all get a massive FPS hit.
    So until that happens, if you pay more for a gaming laptop, you're effectively future-proofed for a few years at least.

    But I'm talking about in the gaming sense. I'm a gamer, so I mean... of course I'm gonna pay more for a good piece of hardware.

    edit: You get what you pay for. That sums it all up.
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