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Thread: Using Stickman Can be a real Pain in the butt........-_-

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    Preparing the laser beam, we're gonna use it tonight.
    I merged your posts. But to answer your questions. I'm 20, and I'm not pro... not yet xD.
    Trust me, there's so many tricks and tips out there, no matter how good we get, there's always something to learn. Remember though, try out various methods, you'll develop your own solidified way over time. Just do what's comfortable.

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    You should try drawing the hips, the foot, the collar bones the head and hands as circles or ovals, then use them inorder to get the right width for the body, you can draw ovals for the limbs, but i rather have it draw it after ive drawn the stickman

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    this thread be dead don't bring it back

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    More like, "I doubt the original poster is still around to check since it's been so long ago" so I'm closing this thread.


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