Technically my second post after having put up that ad on the Recruitment & Requests board but getting in there and doing it properly!

But in short - Awwright!?

Here to put out the net and see if I can find an artist that would be interested in a collab. Also going to have a little look at the tutorials, etc while I'm here. Unfortuantely I'm not much for funny dances, although as a side I'm a musician, currently playing Bass for a semi new Hard Rock band ( Facebook to go live in the next few weeks... as well as a demo cd that's currently being recorded.. Likely not for a couple months on that side though )

Also do a little composing on the side! Fairly into Retro sounds right now. Metal / String instrument type classical and rock with the occasional acoustic sprinkle is my usual thing though.

So.. Yeah.. Heyloes!