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Thread: Seeking Artist for Collaboration ( Now paid )

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    Just an update - Heard nothing from Kasey or No537N, so I'm officially still looking on this one.

    Please do avoid any casual racism though, wanted to be nice originally but No537N's reply did make me want to run a mile, putting it bluntly.

    But anyway... Search continues..

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    What the hell was that guy talking about anyways jesus

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    Casual suggestion that coloured people can't be trusted and like melons, fried chicken. I get the irony that he himself is coloured, but it's still in horrid taste.

    No point in getting bothered about it though

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    Kasey if i only had the right supplies....always getting all the good stuff.

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    -- Removed Details of story etc and other things due to coming to an arrangement with an artist --
    Last edited by Im_not_random; 04-21-2012 at 04:02 PM.

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    Hello Im_not_random. I'm interested in your project. Could I get your email to send my samples. Thanks!

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    Hey Powil, sorry for taking a couple of days to get back to you - haven't been checking Manga Tutorials very often over the last wee bit.

    Tried to pm you my address ( I don't feel too comfortable typing it straight out onto a post that's publicly viewable ) but I couldn't find you on that side - maybe because your profile is private? Anyway, if you could please try messaging me privately I will get back to you with that email, thanks!

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    I'm inlove with your words. very good writer. =) .too obad I'm not good enough coz i'm always like this:

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    Thanks tag! It's a shame - you seem like a really good artist. Really liked some of the stuff you had up on your gallery.

    Admittedly I was procrastinating on doing a lot of the work in advance on this one, due to the worry that I might not ever actually find someone to collaborate with. Still, decided to go ahead and just start writing it out recently. Although I'm only 68 pages into it I'm having a tonne of fun getting the pictures in my head down onto paper and really putting the characters into motion. Well, a wordy sort of motion


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