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Thread: Seeking Artist for Collaboration ( Now paid )

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    Seeking Artist for Collaboration ( Now paid )

    Hey all,

    I'm currently browsing around for a potential collaboration with an Artist. Unfortunately my current income doesn't realistically afford me the ability to outright hire the help and I've never quite been able to get my own abilities in the Art department up to scratch and at a level I can really run with.

    So, the grimy basics behind this, bulletpointed and all'

    I'm looking for an Artist who..

    - Is of decent skill, but still amateur and interested in a collaborative project

    - Preferably has a little experience in creating a manga, beyond nice looking oekaki's.

    - This could be anything from just a very short piece, or something heavier.

    - Has a decent work ethic ( I'd like to agree target time frames for things being done, Nothing overly rigid, but agreements on when I will supply 'x' and you will draft 'y'. If something needs longer, it's not a problem however )

    - Is willing to invest in the project; give and take creative criticism as well as chip a few of their own ideas in.

    - Is looking to shy away from trends and show off their own style.

    - Is interested in creating a short piece as a 'trial run' and then if we're all happy, considering taking it further and making a project of it.

    In return I can offer...

    - No immediate payment, however should we pass 'stage 1' and feel quite happy about the state of things, the plan would be to attempt to foster a fanbase, start a 'page-a-week arrangement', and perhaps sell merchandise ( Printed copies, t-shirts, etc ). I would be willing to split all profits on this on a 70(you)/30(me) basis. Similarly if a 'tips' system is brought into place I would be happy to continue the 70/30 split. Purely commissioned work featuring any character designs from the collaboration would be your own property and I would not seek any share of profit from them. I would however ask to be credited for involvement in the project related to those designs where appropriate ( Image tags, description for example. )

    - Financial arrangements can be agreed in detail should they become a factor.

    - Full input on the writing process and story, my primary role would be to handle the writing, and yours the art, you would still be welcome to make suggestions and come out with ideas however. Much of the script would be built around plot points, so there would be plenty in between that could have an idea built into the mix - provided it makes sense, not breaking character and such.

    - Assistance with lesser tasks if required. I'm not very good, however I could fill in if you need more of the mundane stuff done so you can focus on the more important parts.

    - On the off chance you're looking for a composer I am a musician and could perhaps help you create something... Soundcloud with a couple of random things I've done recently -

    - And of course, the story itself.

    What I wish to do to start off

    - Create a very short piece encompassing the small synopsis below - nothing major, just a little trial run to see if we are both happy with how things will go. Imagine it as being the potential first few pages.

    - That's pretty much it, although I'd like to accomplish this within a 4 month timeline. This would include established character sketches, drafts and aesthetics solidified and in place to reference going forward as well as a completed story board before the final product goes into production. I'd like to take some time over this, throwing creativity back and forth and putting the heads together to create the best short piece we can possibly make of it.

    -- Removed Details of story etc due to coming to an arrangement with an artist --
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