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Thread: Please Critique My Art Work

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    Please Critique My Art Work

    fEEL fREE to correct my art.....
    as you can see i got no skill in backgrounds and d drawings i made r in line paper...this sucks so plz dont mind...-_-""

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    go to gallery
    click on image
    wait until it shows in different panel
    then right click
    copy image location.
    Then come here
    paste the link
    now edit the link . Do this

    [IMG] Link .jpg[/IMG]

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    Use deviantart or imageshacke, any image host can help.

    Copy the direct url direction of the image, the most classic way is right click with the mouse over the image, and select: copy image address. Ones you have the images address, you should put it between the following code: [image] image address [/image], it can also be done by clicking the "tree picture" in the option bar where you edit or create a post.

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    okay thanks a bunch ....fellas
    i'll upload it later....gotta go catch my tuitions...hahaha Sounds Geeky, Eh? :-S
    nice 2 meet u Clock hand and Trilok ^^

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    Ugh, too many Narutos.

    First image. There is a common mistake in drawing sword stances in here, people tend to draw the hold of sword wrong, making both hands to be quiet close to each other, while the sword handle has a longer length and you should take the whole length for it; this change the position of the arms and the body, which is the next problem. One shoulder is bigger than the other and you are crossing one elbow inside the body, this elbow should point outside, not inside; there is also a problem with body but is more complex to describe so I will wait for someone who can red line it.

    Second image. There are anatomical mistakes, but nothing that should be punished or anything, some kind pass as "style decisions" so I will let it be.

    Third image. Work with muscles, real muscles don't look like that at all and if you want to simplify it's design then you first need to study them in natural state. There are lines that have no coherences, like the ones in Naruto abs, I don't know if are abs or cloth.

    Fourth image. Gigantic head, try to keep the sizes in a common level, so it doesn't look weird; you can destroy the head size system in style decisions, but as I look in here, you are trying to make naruto's so probably this is more a inconsistence in skill rather than a style decision. The body is too long and arms to short, compared to the body.

    Fifth image. From all the things I can say (and I have said it in the previews image), there is no one more relevant that the fact that the hand doing the "metal" sign (italian diablo) is the wrong hand; you are using a right hand in the left arm.

    Overall, try to work in real human anatomy as core to work in skills. Try to look at some tutorials in here and practice.

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    Thanks a lot for the Muscles part ^^....
    and i hav 2 agree d head in d 4th image is too big.... but i purposely mde it like that...but d arms length is messed up
    i really need to Do Hard Work!!!

    wt abt d backgrnd part

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    It can get very old hearing this, but yes work on anatomy, and it's good that you're practicing drawing Naruto characters, but eventually you should try and create your own characters, all at your own pace of course.

    However, it's not bad work, but keep working on it, practice diligently, and you'll be drawing just fine.

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    just like me..!!

    I learnt my drawings doing only NARUTO characters (50%) just got basics.
    And when i came here i improved a bit (70%).
    So, while doing use references like watch and draw (fanarts), take out a manga page and try to copy exactly (at least 80% similar) of what you see. Trust me it will be easy for you when you will go for the tutorials next time.
    So what you lack is
    1. Body postures
    2. Curves
    3. Positioning (you need to understand how your body parts blends with different positions, just stand infront of your mirror)
    4. Anatomy.
    So do lot of lot of fanarts make sure you draw them perfect.

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    ^^ thnks

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    Thanks a Bunch Trilok ...n eve1


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