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    Serenade's Chibis

    Okay so for those of you who don't know, I'm just starting out and have no background drawing Anime, Chibis, or anything. So I was going through the tutorials, and seeing as how Chibis were right at the top, I decided it would be a nice easy thing to start off on before I get serious on drawing regular Anime.

    But now I've got a few here that I think are alright, and I don't seem to be improving dramatically beyond this point. So If anyone has any tips to help me improve my hands, eyes, alignment, or anything I'd really appreciate it. Also I plan to move on to more realistic Anime very soon so if anyone has any tips regarding that, also appreciated. Anyway, here they are.

    SPOILER! :

    SPOILER! :

    SPOILER! :
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