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Thread: Looking for Concept Artists

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    Looking for Concept Artists

    I usually don't have much trouble drawing new things when I can, but no matter how much I try, No matter how much descriptions I give them, I can't draw...


    I'm not referring to the little green men, I'm looking for an insectoid/Crystalline Alien Species I have given the name "Jades" for the moment, because of the color of their natural armor. There are actually several types of Jades that exist in my Story; I have descriptions for them, I just can't place those descriptions on paper/screen.

    Basically, I need someone that can create concept art of the Jades for me and give me somewhat of a guideline to refer to and adapt to my story. It Won't be long term, just until I have a SOLID idea of what they look like. Thank you in advance.

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    What does the artist win at helping you (I'm not asking because I want to force you to do something at exchange, but more for curiosity)?

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    Not sure, haven't had anything in mind. If anything, assistance on anything they need done.

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    tell the description, and see if someone send something to you.

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    Alrighty then:

    Six Branches of Jade:

    +) Pack hunters of the Jade, they mostly hunt in threes to fours.
    +) They are the most suited for combat than the others.
    +) They have Six limbs: a pair of clawed arms, clawed legs, and a pair of razor-sharp limbs that fold back into the body like wings. hind leg joints similar to canines' and felines'.
    +) Can stand on hind legs, but runs on all fours
    +) Sends a shrill howl when it has found an enemy
    +) Body language communication
    +) Evaporates on death in foreign environment
    +) Have the ability to shoot crystal shards as a defense mechanism

    +) Long Range Jades; never prefer to enter within the battlefield areas
    +) able to stand on walls and ceilings
    +) launches projectiles from own body (unknown method/physiology to do so)

    +) Slim, agile Jades
    +) Capable of running at cheetah-like speeds, for a longer duration
    +) Runs on all fours

    +) Jade Transporters
    +) Actually a team of a Flyer, bomber, Dropper, and Spawner
    +) Sometimes splits in combat situations
    +) Flyer flies(lol). sends a concentrated screech to the target area, obliterating whatever existed there
    +) Droppers act as drop pods that can steer itself during freefall
    +) Bombers catapult explosive projectiles to the area
    +) Spawners are defenseless; can heal jades in the vicinity, but need other jade to guard them

    +) The most common Jade type, and the weakest
    +) runs on all fours
    +) seems like an inferior to the hunters
    +) Cannon fodder in combat; does not show fear or concern about death

    +) bat-sized jades
    +) Behave like piranhas
    +) Always present when a Carrier is nearby

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    wow I was though you need only 1 sketch on a alien.

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    haha sort of. I need one of each, but I mainly need the hunter

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    Heya, I might do it, if you still need them, just because I'm bored. Don't expect them in a few days though, depends on other stuff I need to do ^^

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    Sound like Tyranids to me, but if Mr_D fails, I'll do it C:, but only hunters. >_>

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    Why don't you go ahead doghateburger, seems like I'm short on time xD


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