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Thread: Your 5 Favorite Manga (And Anime)

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    I remember watching The Professional in Jr. High back in the late 80's. I didn't like the 2nd movie so much but when the series came out I was like "Hell yeah!" Duke Togo's the baddest dude. Top ranked assassin in the world, does hits with a modified M16, he's a Mac with the ladies & never misses a mark. I can think of only 2 dudes as tough as he is in manga/anime. Ogami Itto from Lone Wolf & Cub and Guts from Bezerker.

    But Duke's got 'em beat with style & swag.

    Did you see the episode when he got sent to prison, broke out with some gangster, gained his trust & then killed him because he was the mark all along? Duke Togo is the shizznick man.
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