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Thread: Questions :)

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    Pretty much this entire thread =

    Quote Originally Posted by MT View Post
    The thing I'm confused about is that nobody actually told him to give up completely.
    Quote Originally Posted by Niizuma View Post
    You're clearly showing it to me that i should give up
    Quote Originally Posted by MT View Post
    I don't mean to be perticularly harsh or anything, but that's literally what it came down to. Everyone was gritting their teeth, assuming he deserved the benifit of the doubt, myself included.

    But if you don't want to listen, you just don't want to listen. :/
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    Anyway, HoS, I think the reason we are getting involved is because most of us see an extremely delusional child, and are trying to spare them lots of heartache and wasted time. Plus if he moves to Japan, that's just setting himself up for a life of poverty. Dropping out of school to work on a dream that's about as plausible as a perpetual energy machine is more than childish daydreaming, it's dangerous and something that can fuck you over for life.
    Yeah, I know, but you just gotta let the kid get it out of his system. We all had big ambitions when we were kids, but most of us grew out of them by the time we were 17, and even if we didnt, we grew out of them soon after. It would be kinda sweet if it wasn't for the fact this kid is a total asshole and is unable to take any criticsim whatsoever.

    Anyway, if the kid is talking about killing himself, then hes just looking for attention which is pathetic. Ignore the kid, its the only way he'll learn.

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    Oh boy, talk about drama. :\

    Last 2 advice for you, the OP, if you happen to be viewing this as a guest:

    1. If you are serious about becoming a mangaka, you're better off using the time you have to practice your drawing/art skills than going onto a forum or any other place or dong anything that is basically a time waster. You're at a disadvantage as it is being an English speaker who wants to break into a Japanese weekly magazine - use your time more wisely.

    2. Go to school in Japan. There's a list of schools here (you have to be logged in to view the page, btw) that welcome English speaking students. If you are committed, get your ass over to one of those schools. At least in those schools you can a) learn the skills and craft b) get connections and c) learn the language.

    If you are as committed and determined as you say then you will achieve something.

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