Ah ok I see, i think it would just need a little replacement of the legs - theres two ways he could be sitting on the wall - either sitting full on it, so that the bend of his knee would be where the end of the wall is, or he could be sitting, but perched right on the edge, which would have his dangling leg straighter. depending on which you wanna go for, the legs would be in different positions. For the first situation, the leg that is bent up is fine, but the foot would be flat, as it would be sitting on the top of the wall, and the leg that is dangling would be bent in half at the knee. For the second, his bent leg would probably be fine as it is, but the one thats dangling would need to be bent ever so slightly - if you're perching on the edge of the wall and your dangling leg is straight, you would slip of, so it would have a very slight bend. The way his legs are at the moment doesnt really fit completely with either situation, which makes it look not quite right. I hope thats clear and not too rambly :S lol