Hey everyone, I've decided I'd appreciate some helpful critiques on my work. I'm not particularly proud of my 'art' because I should be so much better than I am but I have not been a very dedicated artist. So since I have recently began to do a better amount of practice I'm hoping that some solid feed back from you guys can help me improve fast. So please feel free to make suggestions and offer your opinions (pretty please!)

Here's some stuff I've done recently:

Dark Elf character for a DnD game I was in

An underwater scene I did:


This one I partiuclarly would like a red line for. Basically a friend of mine made out like the anatomy was totally screwed, even though I used photo references. I can't see as many problems as she seemed to think there was and I don't feel comfortable asking her since her drawings are very stylised and not anatomically correct anyway.
Its driving me insane so I'd love it if someone could point out the problems or even do a red line for me :3


I know the girl's hand is particularly wrong.