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Thread: Terminus Est OOC - NOW RECRUITING

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    Lightbulb Terminus Est OOC - NOW RECRUITING


    What is this?
    Terminus Est is the uninspired name for numerous Dungeons and Dragons campaigns all being run by myself. The campaigns take all take place in the same universe (well, multiverse, really) and feature recurring characters, themes, and locales, and while each campaign has its own plot, all the campaigns are part of a grander, whole, unified meta-plot.
    All of the campaigns are ostensibly taking place at the same time unless otherwise noted (The Drow campaign is a prequel to the other Asul campaigns taking place an undisclosed length of time before the start of Party A), but really it doesn’t work out quite right. Just assume one or more of the player characters are Time Lords and things make a lot more sense.
    Giant fuck-off Dragons! Bipolar Succubi! Semi-sane spider-ladies! Asshole wizards! Sexy sumo wrestlers! Lovecraftian horrors from beyond the Nine Hells! Terminus Est has it all!
    Dungeons and Dragons?
    Yes. We play using a heavily modified version of Dungeons and Dragons Revised Third Edition (AKA D&D 3.5). The modifications have been put into place by myself for a number of reasons, but primarily to make roleplay (traditional roleplaying) and rollplay (dice rolling, number crunching, and gamey things) more interesting, to make classes more customizable and balanced, and also to help make the game run smoother in this online format.
    Ultimately, like any good DM, I view the rules as suggestions to be taken lightly.
    I’m interested, but isn’t there a lot of story and rollplay to learn?
    Yes and no. There’s a lot going on and that’s happened so far, but between myself and the other players you can quickly be brought up to speed on the plot so far. As far as rollplay goes, that is even easier! D&D is very easy to learn and for the most part all the apparent complexity is simply the result of very poorly worded rulebooks. Most of the rules in D&D are very intuitive and simplistic. We can have you up and running in no time.
    Additionally while most of the campaigns take place on the material plane of Asul, there are several young in-progress campaigns or upcoming campaigns that take place in other planes and thus have little to no baggage and only basic details you need familiarize yourself with.
    Sounds awesome, how do I join?
    While there are often openings in one or more of the parties for new players, this is not always the case. If you are interested in playing please contact me on AIM (Kodos343), or Skype (RoboChrist9000) and/or in this thread and we can try and figure shit out. You’ll have to contact me on AIM or Skype at some point or another – and I usually am online – so your best bet is trying one of those first.
    Awesome art!
    Yes, yes it is. Many of the players are extremely talented artists and have been kind enough to share some of their talents with us by producing art for the campaigns. Praise them and their labors.
    Just like good roleplaying I believe this is something that shows considerable dedication and takes time and effort, so I believe it is something that should be rewarded. I award players experience points and/or items in-game for producing artwork, with the caveat that the first picture of their own character(s) does not count. If you are able to draw it is pretty much expected – but not required – as good manners that you draw him/her/it.
    Likewise if any of the players commission art, I consider it the same as if they had drawn it themselves, in terms of rewards – it still shows effort and dedication.

    D20 Hypertext SRD
    Dungeons and Dragons Wiki
    Invisible Castle Dice Roller

    Get the newest homebrew rules HERE!
    SPOILER! :
    Creatures are no longer dead at -10 HP. Creatures now die at -X HP where X is their Constitution score.

    Several character classes now have access to ki pools and ki related powers.
    A ki pool is simply the count of a character's ki points. Ki points, like spell slots or power points, are restored after 8 hours of rest and do not carry over after each day.
    A character with a ki pool may meditate to attempt to regain lost ki points. By spending time in peaceful meditation and succeeding on a DC20 Concentration check, a character regains a number of ki points equal to the number of minutes spent meditating. No matter how much a character meditates, they may not refill more than half their ki pool in this manner.

    Due to the major changes made to several classes, significant character sheet modifications may be permitted on a case-by-case basis.

    Class changes may be downloaded here. Unless otherwise noted, all these changes are in addition to the normal class features as detailed in the hypertext or sourcebooks, and simply add or modify existing abilities. A few classes, however, such as the Monk, Wu Jen, and Shugenja, have been rebuilt more or less from the ground up and ignore most outside sources.

    Wu Jen have had their spell list completely altered. The new spell list will be posted shortly.

    Concentration now uses Wisdom as its ability modifier, instead of Constitution.

    Stunning Fist has been split into two feats; Stunning Fist and Dirty Fighting.
    Stunning Fist functions as the original Stunning Fist did, except it uses 1 ki point each use, rather than having a certain number of daily uses.
    Dirty Fighting functions as per the original Stunning Fist, except it uses the user's Strength modifier for its DC, deals non-lethal damage, and is made at a -5 penalty to-hit. Dirty Fighting attacks have no daily use limit and do not require ki.

    All shields and armor have had their AC values changed, as detailed below. All other values are unchanged.
    Light Armor
    Padded 1 AC
    Leather 2 AC
    Studded Leather 3 AC
    Chain Shirt 4 AC
    Medium Armor
    Hide 4 AC
    Scalemail 5 AC
    Chainmail 6 AC
    Breastplate 6 AC
    Heavy Armor
    Splintmail 7 AC
    Bandedmail 8 AC
    Half-Plate 9 AC
    Fullplate 10 AC
    Buckler 1 AC
    Shield, Light Wooden 1 AC
    Shield, Light Steel 2 AC
    Shield, Heavy Wooden 3 AC
    Shield, Heavy Steel 4 AC
    Shield, Tower 5 AC

    Wands, Staves, and other magical items containing charges can now be recharged by spellcasters with the appropriate spellcasting type (arcane or divine) and the appropriate item creation feats. Artificers with the appropriate item creation feats may recharge any charged magic item, whether it be arcane or divine.
    To recharge a magic item, the spellcaster must expend one or more prepared spells or spell slots at the rate of 1 charge restored per spell of equivalent level. For example; a wand containing a fourth level spell has 1 charge restored for each fourth level spell a spellcaster sacrifices, 2 charges per 8th level spell, and so on and so forth. In the case of an Artificer, infusions of equivalent level are used in lieu of spell slots/prepared spells.

    A glitch that occasionally caused Ulow to speak coherent Common has been corrected.

    SPOILER! :
    Changed Discovery: Breath Weapon Bomb

    New Class Feature: Battle Cry
    New Class Feature: Endure Elements
    New Class Feature: Greater Battle Cry
    New Class Feature: Natural Toughness

    Changed Act of Faith: Armor of Faith

    New Class Feature: Green Thumb
    New Class Feature: Oneness
    New Class Feature: Weather Weather
    Removed Class Feature: Endure Temperatures

    Additional Bonus Feats
    New Class Feature: Ironclad Toughness
    New Class Feature: Tower Shield Proficiency

    New Class Feature: Diamond Mind
    New Class Feature: Focus
    New Class Feature: Improved Ki Empowerment
    Renamed Class Feature: Improved Unarmed Strike -> Martial Arts

    The Ninjitsu class feature has been reworded for clarity.
    The Ki Dodge ki power has been reworded for clarity.
    New Ki Power: Elemental Ki Empowerment

    The Marksman and Sniper Strike class features have been reworded for clarity.
    Martial Prowess bonus feats are now every 4 levels rather than every 3 levels.

    New Advanced Talent: Jack of All Trades
    New Advanced Talent: Wall Running

    Hit die changed to a D6.

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    Campaign A

    The Party
    SPOILER! :
    Mathias Blythe, Human Archivist/Cleric/Mystic Theurge
    Ulow Zygiella, Chitine Egoist

    Campaign B

    The Party
    SPOILER! :
    Irveska Lubov, Human Arms Fighter
    Septimïe, Human Barbarian

    Campaign C

    The Party
    SPOILER! :
    Atoli, Human Air Wu Jen
    Hei, Human Rogue/Shadowdancer
    Matsumoto Narimi, Human Kunoichi
    Tama, Human Alchemist

    Campaign D

    The Party
    SPOILER! :
    Eros Vicea, Human Cleric
    Gnoryc, Gnoll Ranger
    Karin Minx, Human Wizard

    The Teamwork

    Campaign E

    The Party
    SPOILER! :

    Ismat Makaarim, Tiefling Rogue
    Rashma, Human Sorceress/Sandshaper

    Campaign F

    The Party
    SPOILER! :
    Isabella Alcon, Human Cleric
    Olivia, Human Unarmed Fighter
    Oriel Augustine Gaudet, Human Flagellant

    Campaign G

    The Party
    SPOILER! :
    Akaijishinkaminarikajioyaji, Crab Samurai
    Ganzorig, Human Barbarian
    Megaera, Human Monk
    Myfanwy, Human Unarmed Fighter
    Shun Zhou, Human Monk
    Yu Zhen, Human Monk
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    SPOILER! :
    The Nave del Partido
    SPOILER! :
    SPOILER! :

    Heavy Brigantine
    12 Ballistae, 2 Catapults

    SPOILER! :
    Captain Amanda (Human Swashbuckler)
    First Mate Jang (Mermaid Barbarian)
    Cook Dave Taylor (Human Expert)
    Doctor Sherman Rhodes (Human Expert)
    Performer (Human Expert)
    4 Warriors (Human Warriors)
    6 Artillerists (Human Warriors)
    2 Siege Operators (Human Experts)
    5 Lookouts (Human Experts)
    14 Weapon Loaders (Human Commoners)
    7 Deckhands (Human Commoners)

    La Máquina del Misterio
    SPOILER! :
    SPOILER! :

    Medium Carrack
    Cotton Sails
    24 Ballistae, 4 Catapults

    SPOILER! :
    Captain Zach (Human Soulknife)
    First Mate Groh (Hadozee Rogue)
    Mate Lacia (Human Elemental Sorcerer)
    Musician Annah (Human Expert)
    Anna Marie, Warrior (Human Warrior)
    Nina, Warrior (Human Warrior)
    Pirate Steve, Warrior (Human Warrior)
    Tom Bonne, Warrior (Human Warrior)
    Cook (Human Expert)
    Healer (Human Expert)
    12 Artillerists (Human Warriors)
    4 Siege Operators (Human Experts)
    4 Warriors (Human Warriors)
    5 Lookouts (Human Experts)
    28 Weapon Loaders (Human Commoners)
    14 Deckhands (Human Commoners)

    SPOILER! :

    SPOILER! :

    Trade Goods
    SPOILER! :
    Food: 17,056 lbs
    Goods: N/A
    Luxuries: N/A
    Spices: 6,000 lbs
    Sugar: N/A
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    Coming Soon!
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    House Inthuul
    SPOILER! :
    Ilharess Neitar Inthuul, Telepath
    Alsiif, Abyssal Sorceress
    Jabress d'Belaern Ryyna Fama, Aristocrat

    SPOILER! :
    Mansion in Yathrinser, Avernus
    Income: N/A
    Upkeep: 2,106 gp, 5 sp
    Staff: 3 Cooks, 16 Household Slaves

    Other Assets
    SPOILER! :
    Durva; a Goblin Tribe in the Western Vault, Avernus
    Income: (18d100)*10 - (13d100)*10 gp

    Important Drow
    SPOILER! :
    Arra: Jabress of House Rendanvlos and Valsharess of Ulurei.
    Aryyna Faernsenger: Ilharess of Great House Faernsenger, Valsharess of Kuttra Taur, Valsharess of To'ryllche'el, Valsharess of Wa'q Faernsenger, and Headmistress of Laelda'uren.
    Draeva Faernsenger: Ustdalharil of Great House Faernsenger and Valsharess of Wa'q Delmah.
    Ivonis Faernsenger: Powerful and Eccentric Wizard. Male.
    Zymyyra Faernsenger: Valsharess of Yathrinser.
    Hwesta: Second daughter of Neitar Inthuul and a yathrin of Ulurei.
    Akyssa Ku'nal: Ustdalharil of Great House Ku'nal and Valsharess of Che'eld'velven.
    Karilth Ku'nal: Ilharess of Great House Ku'nal and Valsharess of Nienarmir.
    Taasi Ku'nal: Second daughter of Karilth Ku'nal and Valsharess of Chathser.
    Z'hrenil Maelthra: Ilharess of Great House Maelthra.
    Cha'ara Mirrym: Former ilharess of House Mirrym and Valsharess of Yathrinser. Deposed and killed by Zymyyra Faernsenger.
    Kal'daka Quarthas: Ilharess of Great House Quarthas.
    Renora Quarthas: Former ustdalharil of Great House Quarthas and secretly the previous (romantic) lover of Aryyna Faernsenger. Deceased, killed by her mother.
    Taldi: Wealthy and beautiful slaver and mercenary from Edonilche'el. Shebali.
    T'puuli Rendanvlos: Ilharess of House Rendanvlos. Half-Demon.
    Thirra: Former Yathtallar of Yathrinser. Deposed and killed by a conspiracy of priestesses in Yathrinser.
    Shara Ulintajo: Ilharess of House Ulintajo and Valsharess of Mzilniaren.

    Important Non-Drow
    SPOILER! :
    Bolgaz: Cha'ara Mirrym's captive Dragon who was held in Yathrinser's undercity. Poisoned and murdered by Neitar and her associates.
    Cirau: Gold Wyrm which dwells in Northwestern Avernus and who is a friend and protector of the titular Human kingdom of Avernus.
    Despoina: Main power and authority within Kuttra Taur's alien ghetto. Medusa.
    Grebna: Female Goblin who recently rose to become chief of the Durva tribe of Goblins in Avernus. Has agreed to provide half of her tribe's loot to House Inthuul in exchange for monthly shipments of arms and armor.

    Drow Houses
    SPOILER! :

    House Auvryndar
    House Barra'che
    Great House Chaon
    Great House Chathlinath
    House Draasol
    House Drejan
    House Elggindrokk
    Great House Faernsenger
    Great House Ku'nal
    Great House Maelthra
    Great House Quarthas
    House Rendanvlos
    House Ssinjintril
    Great House Ssivahyorn
    House Ulintajo
    Great House Veldruk
    SPOILER! :
    Destroyed Houses
    Great House Chathathiyk
    Great House Deisenin
    House Rosa

    Other Drow Organizations
    SPOILER! :
    The Cresstyne Sisterhood
    The Dread Fangs of Lolth
    The Eyes of Lolth
    The Istotsoss Sisterhood
    Lolth's Stings
    The Siltrinlinath Sisterhood
    Tettar'annen Guild

    Non-Drow Factions
    SPOILER! :
    Avernus: An eponymous Human kingdom located in Avernus.
    Durva: A Goblin tribe located in the Western Vault, Avernus.

    Drow Settlements
    SPOILER! :
    Chathser, Garethkullgen
    Che'eld'velven, Garethkullgen
    D'issan, Garethkullgen
    Edonilche'el, Edonilche'el
    Kuttra Taur, Garethkullgen
    Lilt'puulich'el, Lilt'puulich'el
    Nienarmir, Lower Garethkullgen
    To'ryllche'el, the Sea of Mists
    Ulurei, Avernus
    Wa'q Delmah, Garethkullgen
    Wa'q Faernsenger, Garethkullgen
    Yathrinser, Avernus

    Non-Drow Settlements
    SPOILER! :
    Augustus, Avernus
    Ava, Avernus
    Chalybs, Avernus
    Durva, Avernus
    Fort Aurum, Avernus
    Fort Avernus, Avernus
    Fort Ioannes, Avernus
    Fort Rosa, Avernus

    Drow Terminology
    SPOILER! :
    C’rintri: Noble-born Drow.
    Huthindrow: Literally 'next Drow', a faction of demonblooded Drow and Demonbinders who believed that they were the next stage of Drow evolution, destined to destroy and replace the Drow of old as the Drow were destined to destroy and replace the hated surface Elves. The Huthindrow launched a failed uprising 84 years ago resulting in their complete destruction.
    Ilhar: The matron mother of a Drow family.
    Ilharess: The leader of a Drow noble house.
    Ilharn: The favored husband of an Ilhar/Ilharess.
    Jabbuk: Literally 'master', a male in charge of some task or office.
    Jabress: Literally 'mistress', a female in charge of some task or office.
    Obok'yathrin: High Priestess (of Lolth, by default).
    Qu’el’saruk: Weaponmaster of a noble house.
    Shebali: Literally 'rogue', a term referring to non-noble but free Drow.
    Ustdalharil: Literally 'first daughter', the eldest daughter of an Ilhar/Ilharess.
    Valsharess: Literally 'queen', the ruler of a Drow city-state.
    Yathrin: Priestess (of Lolth, by default).
    Yathtallar: The High Priestess of Lolth; the highest ranked priestess in a given city-state.
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    I would've loved to join the whole D&D universe, but quite frankly, I'm too damn young to even comprehend how to play correctly or how things work in the D&D universe. If you need an extra hand though, just hit me in the back of the head and drag me in.
    For every two minutes of glamour, there are eight hours of hard work."

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    Unless you're like fucking 12, I don't think age is an issue. Get in touch with me on AIM. Kodos343

    Do you like big boobs? Dragons? Ninja? Martial arts? Wizards? Then click here and make all your wildest dreams come true!!

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    I'm 17 so I don't think age is an issue. Anyways, I'll contact you.
    For every two minutes of glamour, there are eight hours of hard work."

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