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Thread: Terminus Est OOC - NOW RECRUITING

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    >Not voting for Ulow in the Saimoe contest

    Seriously though. If you don't vote for Ulow I will karate you.

    In all seriousness, half of those aren't even Moe. Reg should have entered Neit or Ismat then.

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    It did cross my mind. Cutesy isn't even my normal style. Irveska probably would have been a good idea, even.

    But eh. You didn't think that a four armed monster girl was really going to get that far, did you? I'm mostly just depressed that she got put up against a ridiculously good opponent in the very first round.

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    Irveska has a scar and wears a scary mask. Plus she's a Yoko expy. While Neit and Ismat have no physical imperfections and are just cute and sexy.

    Sure Neit's a complete monster who seriously, if briefly, considered murdering her favorite daughter to appease her insane goddess, but hey. By Judeo-Christian standards, the only thing wrong she did there is deciding not to go through with it.

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    Eros is pretty good at cutesy, shoulda made her draw it.

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    So as everyone knows I have a raging nerd boner for Dwarves. What is not to like about a race where the men are all alcohol powered beards and the women are all (alcohol powered) curvy stocky busty babes?

    I might do live sessions of dungeon crawlin' adventurin' Dwarves. I'd like to do it every week or every other week. It would be more heavy on the rollplay than the roleplay, although I'd still like to get some plot and characterization in there. Something like D I imagine. I don't have a microphone, some of us have accents, and I'd like to have logs/records available, so I figure we'd use maptool and some chat program. Dunno exactly. If this is going to happen I'll do more research.

    I want 4-7 players only. If I have 3 or more interested, I'll start doing more research and actively recruiting. So far Fail and Cake are interested, as a Unarmed Fighter specializing in grappling and a Rogue, respectively.

    Here are the more gamey details.
    Starting level: 6-11, most likely 7.
    Allowed Races: Dwarf
    Allowed Classes: Alchemist, Bard (Female Only), Cleric, Fighter, Paladin (If no evil party members), Psion, Psychic Warrior, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Soulknife, Wizard
    Allowed Prestige Classes: Lots

    Dwarf Culture!
    SPOILER! :
    Kodos 11:46 am
    According to legend the first two Dwarves in Asul created by Moradin were Armok and Inenrithol Moradintilat.

    Kodos 11:47 am
    Inenrithol's sons and descendants became the Inengar, the Hill Dwarves of the Highlands. They're a different culture largely so we don't talk about them now. The seven sons of Armok gave rise to the seven houses/clans of the Onolgar, the Mountain Dwarves. When most people talk about Dwarves they mean the Onolgar.
    Each of the seven houses have their own high king, and all of Dwarfdom was traditionally ruled by a single Grand King who the others were subserviant to.

    Kodos 11:49 am
    The Dwarves are legalistic and traditional people. Lawful with few exceptions. They have the Lore, which is a mix of tradition, history, lore, and law. Thing the Haditha in Islam. And Sharia. People look to the Lore for guidance and life tips and how to live their lives. Disputes are settled by non-lethal duels/brawls or more commonly for important things, by consulting a Toralzuden - a Loremaster.
    Dwarves are somewhat patriarchal but not as much as in other fantasy settings. Women can and do reach positions of authority and generally society treats them no differently. The only real gender defined roles are that only women become Bards and only men become Loremasters.

    Kodos 11:51 am
    Dorf bards know all the songs and histories of the Lore, and of course a wide and dizzying array of bawdy drinking songs.
    Each Dwarven Fortress is ruled by a king/queen who answers to no one except the king/queen of their house/clan and who themselves answers only to the Grand King.
    The Wars of the Dragon, Therion's rise to power in modern day Therion, fucked over the Dwarves.
    More fortresses were there than in any place besides Vetrheim. So lots of mountainhomes were destroyed and adamantine and cold iron mines lost.

    Sean Wager 11:53 am
    Didn't he fuck up the high king too?

    Kodos 11:55 am
    The Gusildurad lost all of their royalty and nearly all their mountanhomes. A lot of the other houses/clans also got fucked over severely. The Grand King and his whole family were eaten, and the Zuntirsamam house/clan surrendered to Therion and are now hated by all of Dwarfdom. The only living descendant of the Gusildurad royalty also works for Therion, High Queen Allas Raduk Gusildurad. Therion likes her more than the Zuntirsamam guy since she has giant tits, wears dresses much too small for her, and is fun and funny and not boring.
    So Dwarfdom is scattered and lost. There was nothing in Lore for what to do about this.

    Kodos 12:00 pm
    The seven houses are the Emenontak, the Gusildurad, the Nisgaknil, the Raldurad, the Romekdurad, the Voladurad, and the Zuntirsamam. The Zuntirsamam went traitor, the Gusildurad have few mountainhomes and no surviving royalty since the High Queen is in Therion, and Raldurad were evne more thoroughly wiped out.
    The Nisgaknil live mostly in Vetrheim, the Voladurad are mostly in the north and Sigmar and are assholes and friends with the Cuthbertines, and so on.

    Sean Wager 12:01 pm
    Aren't most dorfs assholes?

    Kodos 12:01 pm
    And most Loremasters and Bards are of the opinion that if you are miserable than you are interpreting the Lore wrong because Moradin wants you to be happy. Productive, but happy.

    Kodos 12:02 pm
    And te Dwarves have little classism.
    The King/Queen is expected to be a father/mother to the people and to work, fight, and generally do all the same things.

    Sean Wager 12:02 pm
    They don't kill all nobles?

    Kodos 12:03 pm
    No. Other than being in a position of power the nobility is not any different from the commmon folk.
    Only the Nisgaknil get Strange Moods, and really only those in Vetrheim in particular. But all Dwarves are master crafters.

    Sean Wager 12:04 pm
    What is their attitude towards outsiders
    And Elves

    Kodos 12:04 pm
    Not counting the Voladurad who are dicks
    Most don't mind outsiders although Dwarves live a long time and are very slow to form close friendships. They don't hate the Elves but do see them as efette and kind of crazy.
    What kind of faggots live in a forest, work with wood, and are physically incapable of growing beards?
    Dwarves don't have a homosexuality taboo - although family is supe rimportant. So if you are the last of your family you are expected to suck it up and have kids.
    And intermarrying with Humans is seen as okay, again assuming you have someone else to carry on the family name
    But as a matter of practice it happens rarely since while Dwarves don't mind fucking humans, again slow to form that sort of bond.

    Kodos 12:06 pm
    So most humans don't live long enough.

    Sean Wager 12:06 pm
    Can they crossbreed with elves?

    Kodos 12:06 pm
    Maybe? No half-dwarves though. Same with humans.
    The idea is that they probably can reproduce with humans.
    But the kid would be the race of the mother.

    Sean Wager 12:07 pm
    I figured it'd be like a shortish human/tallish dorf

    Kodos 12:07 pm
    And maybe a bit squat/busty/tall/stocky depending on the mixture, but not enough to be considered racially distinct.

    if the mom was a dwarf the kid would be a somewhat taller and 'thin' dorf.
    If the mom was human the kid would be a bit stocky and short.
    The hammer is the weapon and symbol of the onolgar, the axe of the inengar.

    Kodos 12:08 pm
    Paladins of Moradin are known as Hammers.
    And while Moradin has clerics
    He hs no temples, per se.
    His temples are the central forges of a mountainhome.

    Sean Wager 12:09 pm
    Do they use magma forges?

    Kodos 12:09 pm
    Racism against Dwarves is generally rare among Humans.
    Since unlike Elves, they have a more human-like culture
    And they produce more useful things than elves who mostly make art

    Kodos 12:11 pm
    And whle Dwarves aren't any more likely to be beautiful than humans are - no + to cha
    Dwarf women do tend to be stacked. Voluptuous builds are common.
    Given a choice between losing his arm r his beard
    a dwarf would need a few minutes to think about it

    Sean Wager 12:11 pm
    Can't he just grow a new one

    Kodos 12:12 pm
    But it is a major symbol of masculinity and racial and cultural identity.
    He would choose the beard.
    But he would need a few minutes to think about it
    Because the gut reaction is basically the same as "oh god they want to mutilate my dick"
    Unless she specifically had a thing for the exotic appeal of non-dwarves
    No dwarf woman would go for a beardless human

    Sean Wager 12:13 pm
    They probably wouldn't go near an elf then

    Kodos 12:13 pm
    That's part of the idea too.
    They may be willing to be friends with elves and stuff
    But romance is unlikely since they are so different and physically lack a lot of important cultural things.
    Sure an elf woman may have a great rack, but she doesn't have the kind of hips or ass a hot dwarf would have.
    And while a human may not either
    Humans at least can have that kind of build.
    Same for beards.
    Sure not all human men have beards
    But they can.
    So a Dwarf woman knows that if she thinks a human male is good looking
    If they had a romantic relationship and she asked, he could grow a beard for her.

    Kodos 12:15 pm
    Dwarves are lawful by way of their adherence and value on tradition, community, law, and methodology.
    But they aren't boring lawful.

    Sean Wager 12:16 pm
    What if he had a shameful secret, he can't grow a beard well

    Kodos 12:16 pm
    They drink, they have casual sex, they party, etc.

    Interested? Then get in touch.
    Strike the Earth!
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    In the distant Future, One Blu Deemon Garl is still wrecking shit

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    'Rep the row.

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    SPOILER! :
    Quote Originally Posted by Kodos View Post

    Lastly: Voegu and Korshim. I want to start these ASAP. Especially the former since it's all ready to go and has no extra work needed. Del, Blue Dragon, Fail, Bacon, you four still interested yes?

    Sorry for delay. You know the situation. Anywho, I'm still interested, but you know I won't be back until September, and my Internet status down south is still in question. If others what my spot, or you just wanna get started, omit me, and that's cool.
    Updated 4/6/13: Please Critique

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    Everybody is getting tellyported soon.

    Which slaves and mounts are you taking? It's gonna cost like three times the amount in GP if we take everybody, so Neit was likely just taking the one grimlock and no mount. Large creatures count as two mediums in terms of cost.

    Kodos be calculifying, so he sorta has to know.

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