And now for that sweet sweet moment where I fail miserably and you laught your lungs away!

Since I'm aware of the major suckage that you are about to witness, might as well make it worthwhile and make a small role-ish intro to the drawing below, ehem, ehem.

"Given the quest to scout an old cavern where several miners have dissapeared the past few weeks, you enter the cave in hopes to find them alive.
You're also concerned about the locals mentioning the sighting of a wild khunara that may had build his nest somewhere close.
Ignoring the danger, you venture inside the cave and after dealing with a minor spiderah infestation, you find the corpses of the miners, sadly. You pick up some of their possessions to prove you had found them and deliver the sad news to their beloved ones.
Shortly afterwards you make your way to the cave's entrance and suddenly stop, the sight of the wild khunara the locals had been talking about is frightening. Damn your bad luck! -Ready your lightning, this will be a tough fight."


I know the color and shading is terrible, I need some tips on how to shade properly on...whatever software (gimp, manga studio).

Now just go ahead and criticize

Ri0t out.