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    Another my story (18+)

    Chapter 1. Kenny gets at school.
    It was the first day of my school. I am now a first-grader! It is a very important day in my life. I was at the "Good bye, kindergarden!" ceremony last summer, now I am at school! Parents bought me a backpack, books, pens, copy books and other school stuff. They woke me up in 7 am, and dressed me into a school uniform. I thought I looked very formal, and I was crying while saying good bye to my everyday clothes. I am very shy, and I cry every time I change clothes, 'cause I think I change entire my style.
    Then school bus arrived, and parents took me into bus. There was some kids in the bus, and they shouted: "Whoa, noob came!". I was really scared of so. My shyness was really extreme, so I didn't even mind asking "What's your name?" to those kids.
    Then bus took us to the school, and we should line up. I stand still, but the nearby boys were punching me out and whispering bad words into my ear. I didn't even listened to the speech, 'cause I am an extremely shy kid. Compared to other guys in my class, I was the youngest, the weakest and the lowest kid in the class. While looking on the other lines, I was even the youngest, the weakest and the lowest in enthre school! I am only 5 years old, and only 115 cm tall, and I scarcely lift only 2 kg. Then 11-graders came to us, and gave to us packages with candies and goody stuff. I looked in, and I saw lolipops. But then, a greed guy took the package off. I cried very much, and the neighbor kids were punching me and forcing me to suck their fingers instead of lolipops. It ain't sweet!
    Then the teacher lined us up and took to class. She gave me the worst place ever - on the very last row near the window. The boy sitting in front of me was turning to me and showing ugly grimaces and spitting on me. That ain't pleasant!!! Then we sit in a bus and the bus took me home.
    Parents meet me with a sincere smile. They asked me: "So, Kenny, how was at school? But please answer honestly."
    - Good... - I answered.
    - That's nice, that everything was good! Do you have any homework today?
    - No...
    - That's good. Now we have a special dinner for you.
    I started thinking, what's the special dinner? But when they invited me, I found out it was the buckwheat cereal with fish. I dislike both buckwheat and fish.
    - No, I don't want to eat so!
    - No, Kenny, you'll grow up if you will eat so.
    - No!!! Don't give me that awkward food!
    I ran away. Parents caught me, beat me up and started feeding me like a baby. I was very unsatisfied with so, I wanted to throw up, 'cause it was.... ewwwww......
    After I ate the food, they gave me a lolipop.
    "No, sorry, I don't want, it will taste ewwwww after that ewwwww...", I said through tears and started reading a magazine. I found out a contest: "Send the car what you dream of to the address (cut off), and you'll get the main prize - A COMPUTER!!!". I showed up this contest to the parents.
    "No, Kenny, you are too young for a computer", - parents says. I started crying.
    - Maybe Santa Claus will bring?
    - No. But you can write a letter to Santa, it's Christmas soon. But please don't ask him for a computer, 'cause you are too young.
    I started crying. Parents have decided to take me to the bed, 'cause I'll tomorrow have a first homework. I disliked so. They closed me alone in the raven dark room without windows. I thought the scary tune will play now. I wanted to get out, but the door is locked.

    Chapter 2. A stranger danger.
    When parents woke me up, they dressed me up and took to school. At school, kids started twisting my arms and punching me. The teacher took us to class, put me on that awkward sloppy place behind that kid, who showed ugly and scary grimaces to me and spitted on me. The teacher showed up the big A on the blackboard.
    "Aaaaaaaaeeee!!!", the kids were shouting. I knew all the alphabet since kindergarden, so that wasn't needed to repeat. I knew all that stuff since kindergarden.
    On a break, kids were going to have milk and crackers. When they came off, I got lost. I couldn't find my class, so I have decided to explore the school. I was banned to do so by the entire school staff, so I was expelled and returned to the class. Now it was music. We were forced to sing, when I didn't want to sing and I disliked the songs. I wanted to learn to play an instrument, but parents disallowed me to play any instruments. On a next break, I got lost another time. I also wanted to explore the school. On a way, two high guys from high school found me and they beat me up at extreme strength. I was feeling very painful and I even was hungry. I tried to look up to the classes. On a first door, there was a class where boys were doing woodwork. I went to next door - it was the empty class. Next and last door - lessons. Then the corridor ended, and I reached a dead end. I opened the door - it was the acting hall. Very big, very light acting hall! A scene was in front of me. Nobody was there. I tried to walk around, then I found someone. I with attention slowly walked in direction to him... Then I found out it wasn't a guy, it was a teen girl, a very pretty girl dressed in unusual style. Her hair was dyed in pink and white, she weared eyeliner and bow, and she was chewing a bubble gum, every time pink bubbles were flying off her mouth. I whispered "Hi!" to her on the distance and ran away.
    - Come here, little one! Come to me! - she said with a cute, friendly voice. She made a gesture "Come here" and a love sign gesture.
    I carefully tried to walk to her, I was thrilling, thinking about will she beat up me. When I came closer to her, I found out she was wearing cat ears.
    "Nyan nyan nyaaan!!!, - she said to me, hugging me strongly, - Poor boy! You got lost, kitty?.
    - What does 'nyan-nyan' mean?! Yes, I got lost, I'm very hungry, I am from 1-B grade, can you take me there?
    - No problem, hunny! "Nyan" means "meow" in Japanese.
    She cuddled me and we left acting hall.
    - What's your name, lil one? Wanna apple? It's very useful, it's vitamins, you'll get stronger!
    - I'm Kenny, and yes, I am very hungry! (I started licking my lips).
    - Kewl! I am Kimi, by the way.
    While hearing the name Kimi, I started thrilling. Kimi felt my mood and cuddled me.
    - Ya like my name? Thankies! - she said. I started eating my apple, it was very juicy and sweet.
    We went to the 1-B class. It was empty. 'Cause all kids were at homes.
    - That's my class... All kids are at homes... I wanna go home too... Uhh, I forgot my homework!!!
    - Poor kid, nyaan! Well, wanna be my friend? Don't be afraid of me, I don't bite anyone, I'm nicie-nicie!
    - Well, - I said, - wanna be mine?
    - Kewl! I'll be your friend then!
    She made a bubble and hugged me, then kissed me in the cheek.
    - How old you are?
    - I...... am........ f-f-f-five......., - I said, stuttering and trying to struggle with the boredom of the school.
    - Cutie!!! I wub lil kids very much! I am 14 years young, - Kimi said, stroking my head and hugging me.
    It was late. The school is going to be closed soon. After the long talk with Kimi I understood, that Kimi is the local girl at school, she is homeless and she lives at school like in boarding school. Kimi told me, that she belongs to the culture, that is way similar to emo and Harajuku culture. I didn't knew all that cultures, maybe, 'cause I am very young to know everything, but children's curiousity, vulnerability and emotionality always take revenge in my personality. Kimi loves modern music, she is very talented girl, like she said. But I only saw that she has specific talking manner. My little boy's mentality is being crushed with her girly manner. I saw, she was very friendly, unlike all other teens I saw in my school. Maybe 'cause I am new and I don't even know everything there?
    It turned dark. I missed my home and I left at school. But I think I didn't went home just because of the Kimi? I still doubt it, 'cause I am very young and I don't understand most things. I feel hungry and sleepy. I can't find a place to sleep in. But then a cleaning woman came and shouted at me: "Go home, moron! It's 9pm! We won't accept you sleeping here!". That was really scary moment! I couldn't find a place to hide in. But then parents came.
    - Kenny, why you are too late at school??!!!! Go home!!! Immediately!!! And do your homework right now!!!!
    I started crying. Then parents started carrying me to the car and they took me to the home. At home, mom insanely asked: "Where's your homework???!!!!!".
    I started crying more and more. Then my mother twisted my neck, hit my eye and locked me alone in the dark room.

    Chapter 3. Trauma
    Next day parents woke me up and started swearing at me because I missed a school bus to home. They were very insane and threatened me, that if I will not follow the school rules, I'll be sent to orphanage or killed. At school, there was same as was before. I still was sitting on that sloppy and dirty place in the last row near the window, and that guy was still making ugly grimaces and spitting at me. On the break, someone knocked on the door. I saw - that was Kimi. All kids started throwing pens, bags, books into Kimi. She was screaming, crying, she couldn't defend herself, 'cause she is a girl, and even teacher said bad words to poor Kimi. I was very upset. Then teacher said: "Kenny, if you'll talk to that stupid chick another time, I'll send you to the orphanage!!! We hate her!!! She is homeless!!! For your knowledge - DON'T talk to homeless people at all!!!".
    "I..... I......", - I stuttered.
    "You moron, you love her?????? You are too young to talk with girls!!!", - teacher said, smashing my head with a steel ruler.
    "Oh, sorry, I...... I.......... waaaaahhhhh....", I stuttered again.
    "And, for your knowledge, our school has separate classes for boys and girls, until they reach 8th grade!!!", teacher shouted again, threatening to me with scissors.
    I cried and wanted to leave class and go to Kimi. Teacher smashed my head with a book another time.
    Same was other two lessons. When the school ended, school bus arrived. But when I was going to the bus, Kimi caught me.
    - Kin-CHAAAA!!!, - she said to me, cuddling and hugging me, - How was your school day?
    One guy started whispering bad words to Kimi and threatening to her.
    - Ohh, I see! I really feel very bad for you, Kenny! - Kimi said, stroking and cuddling me, - Where do you live, hunny?
    - Ehhhh... I am..... afraid.... to say........
    - Why? Well, bye, I'll contact the school chief for your address, maybe we'll meet somedays. Alright?
    - Okay....
    I went to the last school bus, it took me to home. Parents were meeting me armed with metal sticks.
    "Go doing homework!!! Immediately!!!", - they said. I through tears went to them, they started beating me up with metal sticks, pricking me with knives, but I evaded and started doing homework.
    After saying good bye to me, Kimi went to school chief. She asked with tears:
    - Sorry, Mr. Chief, where Kenny from 1-B lives?
    - No, there is no Kenny in 1-B.
    - I mean that guy that met me in acting hall, he told me he was exploring school.
    - It's your imaginary friend. He is not real.
    Kimi went off, crying and whining. She came to the acting hall and started sleeping there under tears. "Maybe I wanna meet him at the park near school... Or somewhere... I'll keep an eye on the bus stop, if he'll come out, I'll catch him. When he'll enter the bus, I'll go with him", - She said through tears.
    Now about me. When I completed the math homework, I asked my parents: "Is that true that 2+2=5?".
    "No, 2+2=7", they said with threatening to me with a fist. But I filled in, that 2+2=4. I showed it to my parents.
    "NO!!! 2+2=7, I told you this very much!!! If you won't correct this, I'll kill you or send to the orphanage!!!", - parents said.
    I pretended that I correct and put the copy book into the backpack. My parents forced me to sleep, with twisting my arms and beating up they put me into the bed.

    Chapter 4. Kenny falls to faint.
    It was a day-off at school. My parents banned me from going out for a walk and forced me to do homework. They tied me to a chair, so I couldn't stand up or move the chair. They locked a door and went away. I didn't know where they go, 'cause I was locked in a room alone and tied to chair. The problems were very easy for me - it was just innocent counting to 20. I knew it good since kindergarden, so those tales and other delirium about digits drove me crazy. The reading subject was still those innocent letters, which I knew since kindergarden too. Also, people were forced me to imagine the letter that doesn't exist and make up new words with this letter. This really made me crazy! My vocabulary was perfect for my age, so I don't want to make my language nonsense or a baby talk. I finished homework and wanted to get up from the chair, but it fells down, and I couldn't stand up!!! I was tied to the chair, and there still was nobody at the room! Then my mom came with the just bought violin, made a scary grimace to me and started playing stupid tunes on the violin. She even didn't mind how bad I feel while being tied to the chair, she was just keeping that scary grimace as a poker face and still playing a violin. She played very long time, then I started crying and whining: "Gimme freedom!!! Release me!!!".
    "SHUT UP, DAWG!!!", my mom screamed and started playing a violin again, keeping the scary grimace as poker face. I with all my weak powers teared the tie and ran away. My mother stopped playing the violin, and threw it into me, then caught me, then beat up me, then twisted my arms, then threatened me with a large hammer.
    "If you will not follow us, I'll threaten you with axe!!!", growled my mother. I whined. She smashed me with a hammer, I went to faint. Then mother picked the bow and a violin again and started playing a violin again, keeping scary grimace as poker face.

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    Disturbingly dark and kind of story. Great work...
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