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    Transcendence OOC

    This is the OOC area for the Transcendence RP. You can look here to find out about the classes as I post them. So check back now and again to see if anything has changed, and also about why the story seems dull to you.

    SPOILER! :
    Most of the classes are customizable in Transcendence. Some may seem overpowering and damn near god modding, but some of the bosses as we come across them will make them look like punks compared to them. So here goes.

    Inquisitor: This class is particularly interesting since they have no combat abilities at all, but instead fight on a psychological basis. Their Will and Intelligence stats are exemplary. They usually belong to the Order, which can also be seen as the Church of Enlightenment. Class Limit: Unlimited

    Priest/Priestess: This class is kind of the replacement for the Healer class. They use sorts of healing magic and are Tanks in battle. They can take a great deal of damage before standing back to heal themselves and their party members. They use all manner of weapons ranging from staves to swords. They can come from either the Dark Order of Remnants or the Church of Enlightenment. Class Limit: Unlimited

    Dark Knight: This class is the only class that can carry the heaviest armor with ease like light armor. Their Def. stats are the highest of all the classes. Because of the modern times that the story takes place in, they are the minigun-toting, heavily armored units that we may come across in the story. They use the Dark Mysteries to their advantage to cripple enemies and enhance themselves. Class limit: 7

    Demon Arms or The Unnamed Ones: Don't let the name fool you. These aren't half human, half demon saviors, these are deadly warriors that aren't human or demon. No one has ever faced this being and survive to tell the tale. There are only rumors and stories about these beings. The mere mention of their name is enough of a reason for them to hunt you. Unrelentless, unforgiving, and undying are a few accolades to this being. Class Limit: 3(May consider Unlimited but that depends on class equality)


    More will be put up as I find the time to post them here.

    SPOILER! :
    There are many factions, but I will only put the more important ones here.

    Dark Order of Remnants or Dark Order of Chaos: This group has widespread influence and is the equivalent to an Assassin's Guild. As their name suggests, they worship the Dark Mysteries with a devotion that borders on insanity and ungodliness.

    Church of Enlightenment or Order of the Phoenix: This group is the only group that is known across the world aside from the Dark Order. They are the equivalent to a Healer's Guild and so use the "Light" to make people's life better. Their motives are unknown and the Council that presides as the leaders of the Church are never seen outside of the Cathedral in Bodum.

    Akuma Society or Daemon Order: Not much is known about this faction other than the fact that their name is as accursed as the Devil. When present, the only thing they leave in their wake is usually destruction and death. Not many have survived long enough to pass along the information to steer clear of these beings.

    The GENOVA Movement or T.G.M: These are radical people who believe in the most radical means to complete their tasks. Terroristic bombings, hostage taking, and the like are what are meant by radical. They have been successful so far in their endeavors to change how regular daemons are treated.
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