Here's a dream that keeps popping up from time to time (usually when I'm stressed) that I really REALLY hate:

So I'm alone in a dark alleyway in some sprawling metropolis at nighttime. It's that murky kind of dark where my field of vision is outlined in shadows & impenetrable darkness beyond that. The city seems overwhelming large...even from the alley that I'm in I can tell that its a city full of industry. There's shit like ducts all around & broken machinery, friggin' giant cogs...

I see this woman at the entrance to the alleyway in the distance. She's the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen & there's light behind her & she calling to me. I follow & she laughs (that dreamy laughter) & runs off. I chase after her & catch a glimpse of her as she dashes down some stairs to a subway terminal. Its dark down there & she's beckoning me to follow her down a manhole. I'm hesitant but she's so alluring I can't help myself.
Down, down ,down I follow as the industrial design gets older & more dilapidated. the stark lighting of the underground area that I'm in casts ugly scary shadows that really unnerve me. She gestures for me to follow her into a room...its as bad looking as the rest of the place...but she's hot and now there's 5 more women in the room just as hot as she is.

Somehow I wind up shackled to a table & the beautiful women are ridiculing me. Laughing at my insecurities & the all seem to be much more powerful than I noticed before. NOt physically mind you, but they seemed to radiate a presence or power that I knew was greater than my own.

Then, their faces shifted & I saw what they really were. Demons or devils or some f'ed up crap. I dunno. I'd call 'em succubi because they commense to torture the shit out of me & not in that kinky way. The whole time they keep berating me & mocking me. After a while of this torture I pass out & wake up.

I've had this dream off & in for about five years now & it scares the hell out of me when I have it. After I wake from this dream, I feel drained physically & emotionally & usually wind up having to take a day off from work.

What's it all mean? I dunno. Facing personal demons is my guess. I'd like to think that I'm not a 'dark' person internally so I don't know why I'd have such a gothic dream recur. Weird...