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Thread: The Dream Diary

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    Jai, I think that it means you might wanna let go of that zombie game in your hand....
    For every two minutes of glamour, there are eight hours of hard work."

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    I have 3 dreams that were so realistic oh cloudy i had the same dream as you with my teeth falling out. any who ill tell you one of my dreams. Ok so i was on a battle field its like the 1500s. and im some guy idk but i was seeing what he saw through his eyes like i was in his body. then somehow i got knocked on my back and i was laying there then some guy came over me and i saw a sword come down and it stabbed me after that everything went black and i felt like i was sleeping then i woke up

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    I call it many names. The two that seem to be most accurate tho are "Hell" and "Work".
    Had a dream I was out to eat Chinese food with my sister and her boyfriend and some other people. Some one comes in and yells a couple times "this is a stick up everyone on their knees" first thing I do is crouch behind a wall and get my phone out and hide it. Then the robber is a woman and she hates men and is like drunk and tells the women in the place to go up stairs. It crossed my mind "let your hair down and hide your face you can totally blend in with the women and slip up stairs" but I didn't. I end up running up stairs and the robber chick is screaming men are scum and all this and chases after me. I hide around a corner and knock her out with a hamster cage to the head. I tie her hands together with zip ties and she turns into a guy.

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    These robots were sick of their creator so they were planning to kill him. One of the robots had a car that disguised you if you went in one door and out the other, so he went in and came out looking like some guy with a fedora.

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    I have a recurring dream that I'm a galaxy-sized robot who can create big bangs. Trouble is I know where they came from just not what they mean.

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    Eh, this seems like a good way to start being active again
    So. Have some grisly murder dream.

    The whole world is falling to pieces, blood on the walls, debris clogging the hallways. I fight my way through a congealing sea of limbs. Some are human; most are from the kind of crawling night creatures I'd been begging not to exist.
    Turn your head towards the far-off doorways, collecting bruises from every side. Throw a desperate punch, twisting and dodging, land too hard on your heels and slam off a locker door.
    I can't remember crossing the hall through the blur of roiling bodies, the confusion and the gruesome sounds. I find myself safe inside a sterile box, the classroom door snapped shut behind me. Light streams in through magnified windows, the clearest, cheeriest sunlight I've ever seen. Now I know why the worst things are supposed to find you at night; they do it so you won't have to see the grisly details.
    I know I look like a mess; I can feel a stinging above my left temple, can feel warm liquid trickling down my cheek, leaving tingling tracks across my face. My hands shake cupping the doorknob behind me. Sitting before me are a haphazard congregation of strangers and acquaintances, slumped across the desks, some tending wounds, some silently breaking down. Somehow I find myself walking to the front of the room to join one other; somehow my mouth opens, somehow words pour out, all without my consent. My entire mind should be put on trial for treason.
    I'm not a planner. I'm not a fighter. I have no idea how to do this. But with two dozen trusting eyes fixed on me, my hands arc in explanation, something vaguely resembling a strategy begins to take shape. I glance at you out of the corner of my eye, and I think I see you nod.
    We can be the leaders. We always had that in common; we can fake strength remarkably well. Maybe, with all the luck in the world, we'll pull through the nightmare.
    Even I can't believe the things I go through to stand beside you.
    Truth be told, every bone in my body is trembling. My mind keeps turning toward the vials of deadly poisons stacked behind oak cabinet doors. Just one sip...
    Maybe I'll wake up, maybe I never will.
    But no, those unguarded stares have done me in. I could never turn my back on them. And, for some reason, they're relying on me.
    Shaking and sweating, biting my lip to shreds, I take a halting step forward with my eyes fixed on the back of your head. Then, because I'm on the brink of death anyway, I reach boldly out and slip my hand into yours, willing you to squeeze back. And, because this is a dream and therefore better than any reality (alternate or otherwise), you do.
    Minutes later I charge the hallways with a broken and bristled chair leg held high, swatting off monsters as they try to take my world from me. I lost sight of you the moment we split apart; there are far too many of them compared to us. We're like ants lost in a flood of giants, tossing and turning across the beige linoleum floors. I can feel the pain in horrible jolts like lightning strikes over my shoulders, and I know I'll feel every blow as I slowly, surely lose.

    How it made me feel: Like I need to stop playing Left4Dead at night with the lights off, or zombies will surely invade my high school for real.

    Feedback: Sure, why not

    On a side note, I also had a dream a while back where I was at my old summer camp, it was raining and for some reason I was wearing a wedding dress. I was also running really quickly (jumping fences and everything). It was interesting but I can't remember how it ended. :/

    On another side note, I might actually really truly be back this time.

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    I had a dream that I was rushing to a soccer game. Traffic was terrible and I kept making the wrong turns. When I finally got to the game, it was already half-time. then, I realized that i wasn't wearing any clothes and my car had disappeared. I had to run to a port-a-potty and my mom to come bring me clothes. By the time my mom arrived, it was already 30 minutes into the second half. I tried to hurry and put my clothes on, but everything start going at slow motion. When I was finally dressed, I only got to play for two minutes.

    How it made me feel: Horrible, embarrassed

    Feedback: If you want to

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    I had a crazy dream last night/this morning

    SPOILER! :

    So from what I remember the world was about to end - think judgment day or like the 3rd day in majora's mask - and there was some artifact or something that we had to get from this temple that was somehow connected to Abraham in order to stop the world from ending. So my brother and I swing on a rope from this ridge to the entrance of the temple. We go inside and it turns sort of zelda-esque and we fight our way through the temple until we find the artifact. I'm a little fuzzy on what it was, but we carried it back out and I believe that we brought it over to this castle to bring to the king. My brother went ahead of me with the artifact and I was taking my time walking along this road picking up quarters - 'cause apparently they make you do this Hansel and Grettle type thing where you drop quarters along your path to make sure you don't get lost on your way back from the temple. Anyway I was picking up these quarters and this guy, seemed like a rich/nobleman dude, came along and laughed at me and started helping me out. We walked back towards the castle picking up quarters. Anyway we get inside and we go talk to the prince about the artifacts and it turns out theres another one in the neighboring fortress thing. So he asks to talk to me alone and basically sees if I'll go get it. I of course agreed and this is where shit got crazier. because I stepped outside of the throne room and looked across at the fortress I had to sneak into. The fortress looked less like a fortress... and you know I can't even explain what it looked like. It was weird. Anyway I sneak around to the back of this fortress, crawling on the ground so i don't get seen through the windows, and I climb up this trellis thing and through this door. Inside there's this family sitting at a table ready to eat and this woman chopping up this fruit and attempting to make a smoothy/slushie. She looks at me and assumes i'm some sort of chef so she asks if she's making the smoothie right. I taste it and let her know that it tastes great (it was some really strange particular type of smoothie. I can't remember the name though but it was like a purple maroon color). Anyway she's happy with my answer so I say goodbye and walk into her kitchen. Its a really small kitchen like barely any walking room and I open this green cupboard under her stove which turns out to be a secret entryway thing. I crawl through the opening and am under this counter in a large kitchen. Theres a gigantic/semi giant man cooking a meal. I manage to close the green cupboard just in time so that the other family doesn't know where I went and I hide under this counter thing. The giant starts reaching down to grab something and i hold my breath. He finds what he's looking for and goes on with his stuff, but at some point he lies down to get something else and his foot ends up brushing against me. He reaches down and touches me and I run out behind him and run away with him chasing me. I make it into the next room and lock the door, and then close another door over that one and lock it. I walk through this hallway into this room that looks like a private library type thing. It has shelfs with books reaching up to the ceiling and a stairway leading to a second level. Then out of nowhere this medusa thing comes out and starts fighting me. So i'm fighting her and generally just beating her. She wasn't trying very hard I don't think and I remember feeling bad for her and that I should go easier on her. And then I chopped her head off... I was kind of confused at that point about what I was even there for, so I grabbed her head and carried it with me. Anyway so I walk up the stairs and theres a line of really creepy hallways with a bunch of doors and windows looking into those rooms. And in them, they look like dancing rooms, are people sleeping. So I crawl along this hallway and I hear someone move so I go into the nearest room just in case. And I'm in this person's bedroom. I'm trying to be very quiet and I look around for a secret way out but I can't find one. And the girl wakes up so I hide somewhere... I can't see where clearly... and she gets up and goes into her private bathroom so I sneak out of her room. At this point people are waking up so I run down the hallway and up a stairway and end up on the roof. Somehow the artifact that I was looking for is there on the roof so I grab it and jump off onto the ground. I start running across this field and run behind this other castle thing that's near my castle. Its all looking more like giant cardboard cutouts or like giant playhouses than an actual castle. The people from the fortress come out and are trying to track me but their dogs suck at smelling. So I manage to sneak into a back entrance of the real castle while they're busy thinking I got into the wrong one. So I run through the hallways of the real castle and make it to the throne room and present the prince with the head and the artifact, and he looks at me cause i'm short of breath and having trouble speaking and he's like "are your teeth getting pointy?" I realize that I'm turning into a medusa somehow, like she managed to bite me or something very strange. And I start panicking because if I do turn then they'll have to chop off my head. This girl, who I think is a friend or something, stands up to the prince and says that I can be healed. She has me drink out of this pitcher and I stop changing into a medusa and turn back to normal. I'm thanking her and suddenly we realize something is wrong with the prince and we both turn quickly towards him... and then I woke up and realized that I had spent an extra two hours asleep. *sigh*

    I'm still trying to recover from this dream man. I can't shake the feeling that like I'm supposed to be doing something or saving the prince somehow and it's very hard to focus on doing homework instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylux View Post
    I have a recurring dream that I'm a galaxy-sized robot who can create big bangs. Trouble is I know where they came from just not what they mean.
    I wish I have dreams like this one!


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    I keep having a dream that I'm in that big country house in Arachnophobia, and all those little spiders are swarming around me, and it plays out just like the movie. Only John Goodman's character gets eaten by the Queen , a spider that's like the dog in Big trouble only it's a spider with Roseanne's head, and I get eaten by the General who has the head of the one guy who played the Gunnery Seargent in Full Metal Jacket.


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