Hearing about dreams is always good inspiration, or at least good for a lul. Some interesting stuff in here.

Meh. In return, you can have some typical regantorian slur. :I

There was a ruined, overgrown building. I entered the front door directly into an elevator, one of those old victorian types where you have to pull the grating across yourself. There is no light bulb, so the carriage turns pitch black as it decends. No noise at all, either.

The basement is a parrellel dimension, my brain informs me. My mission is to deliver medicine to a sick woman. Everything is dusty and dark, cracked concrete. Not much alive. Finding the room isn't too hard, it's the only place that is lit up.

Owlhusband didn't know I was comming, and puts up a quick fight before retreating, easily overpowered. He's called that because he's an owl and her husband. Thanks again, brain.

I explain why I am there and sick woman seems alright with it, except they had a child at some point and it is sick with the same thing. I only have one portion of the medicine (which looks like one of those light-up things a doctor looks down your ear with), so she tells me to cure the child and take it back to my dimension. So I do. Meh, the woman didn't really even seem that sick towards the end. Was she faking it or something? Owlhusband even comes with me.

He turns into a sterotypical fat middle aged new yorker in our dimension, and is confused by the sky. They didn't have one in their dimension. The 'child' is just a bunch of rolled up towels.