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Thread: The Dream Diary

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    The Dream Diary

    This thread is for everyone who has had a dream and must share it!

    Every once in a while I wake up from a dream and just think...WTH was that all about, sometimes I feel scared, sometimes I feel excited, other times I feel sad.
    Most of the time I really want to share the dream experience with someone to get it out of my system.

    Any type of dream is welcome but you might wanna spoiler it if you're discussing mature content, label it as such. (Mature 18+)

    Please follow this format when replying with your dream

    Dream description:
    How it made you feel:
    Would you like feedback?:
    Additional (optional):

    Discussion relating to dreams and feedback Only, if you want to spam with useless junk please go to the chatterbox.

    Nice links related to dreams:
    Dream Views
    Dream Moods

    (Feel free to suggest more nice dream related links)

    I'll start with a dream i had like a week ago.

    My dream.

    My teeth were falling out, this was a horrifying dream! multiple teeth were falling out and I was trying to put them back in D:

    I ended up putting them in a jar and making my way to a dentist/hospital

    This dream made me feel: Worried and scared lol

    No feedback required but you can if you want :3

    Additional: Dream Dictionary taken from DreamHawk

    Teeth falling out: If all your teeth are falling out it often links with feelings to do with ageing and loss of your good looks. Sometimes the feelings are acute enough to link with fear of death, even in young people. But this deals also with the feelings to do with loss of power, loss of ability to express. One dreamer says she dreams this when she feels she is not being understood, or being effective, or feels unable to communicate.

    Your Turn~
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    I call it many names. The two that seem to be most accurate tho are "Hell" and "Work".
    Had a dream a while back about the apocalypse.
    I was in a city and there was just massive destruction everywhere and allot of dead people just thrown about. I didn't know what happened but I was with three other people that were looking for a book that was supposed to have the answer to save everyone. We were on a mission from god and running around a huge office building looking for the book. The people I was with we're slowly starting to have mental breakdowns and just stared bitching at each other so I ditched them to look for it on my own.
    Eventually I ended up on a floor that looked like a library just majorly unkempt. I knew what the book I was looking for looked like it was old and yellowing with a kind of a cheasey horror movie poster look to it. On the cover was a woman in a mid turn (turning around to face what's behind her) holding a hand gun with an explosion in the background while wearing a red dress with a few scratches on her arms and a old school low rider off to the side behind her.

    I never found the book. There was eventually a wall of fire that swept over the city and killed everyone that was left alive. Then it all went white and I was alone. I was standing alone looking around and noises started coming out of nowhere. A grocery store started to build itself and appear around me. The shelves started to fill with delicious looking food (I was in an area between the produce section and the deli/bakery) and people were appearing some pushing carts some holding hand baskets some alone some with family or lovers. Everyone looked happy and healthy and just content to be there.

    It kind of put me at ease and got me thru the day when I remembered it. I don't think it was a premonition of things to come but maybe discribes how I do or should look at life (hectic now but eventually life works out in some way and you just have to let yourself be content)
    Comments if you like.

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    Nice thread, Cloudy. ;D

    I've only ever had one dream about teeth falling out, but apparently they're very common. Mine certainly gave me a weird feeling... not emotionally though, more like the oddest physical sensation I've ever felt. It reminded me of having loose teeth as a kid. xD

    Sounds like a rather creepy dream, Psy. I don't think I've had one quite like it before. o . o

    I don't have any dreams to post at the moment, but here's a cool website if anyone is interested.

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    Oh nice link I added it to first post.

    and Psy wow that sounds so vivid! most of my dreams are really scattered then I have some very alive and vivid dreams like that, though if I dont write it down after having it it becomes dull again.

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    Holy crap we literally just had to do this for APS class... What perfect timing. I will put up the three I put up for that class when I get back from school.

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    I had a dream last night that I was overcharged around 400% for food, but I didn't say anything about it. Then I went to a different store to buy Mitsuya Cider and Ramuné with hopes of putting kool-aid packets in them. I saw my boyfriend, his old roommate, and a random girl there. She seemed unusually interested in finding out who I was, though I did not oblige.

    After that I zapped back to a rainy day at my house. I walked down the street and around the corner to a neighbor's house, and people were playing basketball. And old friend of mine said that we should hang out more. Then it spontaneously got sunny again. My dad, a whole bunch of young kids, and I went on a hike behind my neighbor's house, and we got lost, unable to climb back down.

    I woke up because my phone rang.

    How it made me feel: Uhhh. Well. I'm sick right now, so I generally feel like crap. I can't say the dream was anything but normal for me. (I usually dream about food and jump locations.)

    Feedback?: Whatever fits your fancy. (:

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    i dreamed my sister had inherited around a billion dollars or so. i manged to steal a hundred million by typing some password into a weird computer thing. for some reason or another i ran out of money and had to go back and steal some more, but she had changed the pass word. so i had to break into some vault thing. i failed because my accomplishes ( an old guy and a horse) were stupid and couldn't get the combination to the safe cracker fast enough. and then we where chased (in a car, not sure how i ended up in one) by the police down icy roads and i ended up driving backwards, i was actually very impressed with my self for being able to pull that off. for some reason. then i cart of some sort hit my sister. and i woke up.

    this dream made me sad. the feeling didn't last cause i woke up and ate waffles.

    say what you want to say.

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    @ Seefy: If you don't mind me asking how is your relationship with your BF? it sounds like some of the ones I had when I was with an ex, Him with friends and "some unknown other girl" it made me feel super worried having those haha those jump dreams happen sometimes for me but I don't often dream about sunny places that's really interesting.

    @ GreenFox: Haha I laughed at the "an old guy and a horse" part aren't dreams fascinating? at least you felt sad about your sister, how is your relationship with her? since in the dream you said you were stealing from her :P


    Last night I had a dream:

    I was playing some ball game at my old primary school and we had two teams of 21 or something I think it may have been dodgeball. I usually don't willingly participate at sport but in this case I jumped right in. It started to rain and we all ran into convenient placed carriages or shack things. where the teacher asked where the prize for winning the big game went. There were two boys who had taken it, the first boy we came across said some other kid had it and was doing to sell it so me and the teacher went to track him down and found him, I then demanded he hand it over, and he handed some of it over, I yelled even more and he gave us the rest.

    After this there was rumors of a mysterious man on the hunt for the person who possesses something important. One of the kids went missing and I went after the "Thing" that took him.

    I was walking around my old primary school again (which is the location of a lot of my dreams for years now) and i was asking everyone if they knew anything.

    before I knew it an alien like creature had picked me up and could read my mind...but only if i wasn't thinking of something else. this alien was after the unknown man. There was a scene where the alien made me float through this footpath of crowded people and it was really relaxing and my mind went silent, after that he told me he read something disturbing about this man and I can't actually remember what it said to me something about me knowing who it was and it was a massive suprise, then I woke up lol

    Sry wall of text.

    How this dream made me feel: Excited, amused, powerful, scared at some point because I think at first i ran from the alien thing.

    Would you like feedback: Sure!

    Additional: Interpretations taken from Dream Forth
    I don't always take dream interpretations seriously but its fun to read them

    To dream of a stranger represents an aspect or quality that you refuse to show to others. It may also be suggesting a solution or resolution for an issue that is causing you anxiety.

    To dream that you are searching for something indicates that your life is lacking something of importance. Perhaps you are seeking an explanation to a question or dilemma.

    Dream interpritation taken from Dream Moods

    To dream that you are floating on air indicates satisfaction, contentment and acceptance of some situation. You are letting go of your problems and rising above obstacles. You are experiencing new-found freedom and gaining a new perspective on things. Nothing seems overwhelming or too difficult to handle. Alternatively, floating in your dream suggests that you are wandering through life aimlessly with no goals. You are just going with the flow.
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    Oh man, I had a kickass dream a while ago. I think I may have mentioned it before, but I'm going to mention it again.

    Dream description: So, me and a few friends are just hanging out at my house when the Kyuubi from Naruto appears and starts destroying EVERYTHING. We then run to the High School which is pretty close by. Once in the school, we go to the roof to observe the carnage. After watching the bloodbath for a bit, my Bio 2 teacher comes up to the roof and takes us all into his Green House. There, he says he's going to beam us (a la Star Trek) up to some UFO that's been orbiting the Earth. He does so, but while we're going up, the Kyuubi is attracted by the noise destroys the school and kills my Bio 2 teacher.

    Once we're on the UFO we find a Guitar Hero set up. Somehow we figure out that if we all play Through The Fire and Flames perfectly, we will activate this laser that will kill the Kyuubi. We then proceed to jam, ace it, and the laser loads. Sadly, we didn't know that the laser would also wipe out all human life. At the last minute we change the aim of the laser so that it ends up leaving the neighborhood my friends and I live in untouched, but it kills everything else. (I guess the Kyuubi had moved on.) Anyway, changing the lasers aim set us off course, and we crash into the Earth and all die. I think some rule of dreaming says I should wake up now, but I didn't.

    I then saw the only 3 surviving humans who were hiding out in a cornfield near the Fair Grounds. I guess they were going to repopulate the Earth or something.

    Then I woke up.

    How it made you feel: Kick ass. I saved the world, man. Though, I was sad my Bio 2 teacher died.

    Would you like feedback?: Sure.
    My AA thread - Updated 06/28/14

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    You're my favorite.

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    Wow, all your dreams are really elaborate! i rarely ever get them, and maybe i do but forget them easily. damn.

    i just woke up and had this dream in between hitting snooze button and actually getting up (some 20 mins). (yes, all my dreams seem as if they are in fast-forward, but i still do understand them. may something to have to do with my impatience?)

    Dream: So first there's this bright and sunny day, and some people among who my sister's there (i'm not there) are "playing" on the grass. There's a weird ropey structure which when 4 people catch hold of, and put enough thrust on the ground, they do a cartwheel kind of thing. (its weird, hard to explain without pictures; its the first time even i saw/heard of it.)

    Then zap to me. I'm still doing my internship, but the buildings, place, everything is changed (this also tends to happen to me a lot, i usually dream of my school, but its not my "school", the layout, buildings, etc etc are completely different). so in this version of my internship, i'm not in a city and hav to walk a long narrow road to get to the nearest bus-stop. the road is surrounded by forests (lots of trees for sure). So something random happens in the dream which i didnt understand. currently my sister invited me to the team outing that they were having (in the very first scene) and i'm running to get there on time (even the buses weren't frequent).on the way out i meet bunch of men who are employees in the place where i'm interning. they stop me and ask me some questions, but i'm unable to answer coz i couldn't hear them because of a loud noise playing (actually, not in dream) and my throat was super-dry (this also really). And so that guy starts shouting at me..scolding me that i'm too arrogant that i can't answer his questions, blah blah on those lines. My mentor/supervisor is also sitting there and he calls over. he talks to me (i forgot what) and i make an effort to answer but i still cant because of above two reasons. and somehow we exchange mobiles (i dont know why too). and then he becomes invisible, coz i can see a pouch that was on his waist suspended in the air. i'm not surprised or anything at all by this and merely try taking my mobile back and let it be known that i have to go. i resume running towards the bus stop and on the way i'm stopped by a couple of guys on the road,who talk about my dad. they are in the construction business and are there to repair the road or something. they apparently knew my dad well and were trying to make small talk. i'm all fidgety and stuff, so they ask me if i was in a hurry, i say yes and run.
    The overall atmosphere in the dream was gloomy -all yellow/brown like the sun was setting and there was a lot of dust in the air.

    then zap to another completely different dream. i was coming back home in a train and i'm home. (i dont remember much of it, only the last part). so i'm home with my dad, mom's doing something, (work, or cooking, something at home). i'm at my backyard and see something totally strange happening at a distance, a part of space, or an area, just becomes deep blue, then purple and then black and there's a HEAVY rain there. thunder, lightning,and scary-heavy rain. and that seemed to be fast approaching close to our place. i scream to my dad and just then from outside the window we see the space turning deep blue, purple, flash of black and extremely heavy rain. Then i wake up.

    Phew, wanted to note it before i forgot, still i forgot some part anyway.

    How I felt: First dream- mainly anxious to get there on time; annoyed when the people started talking to me and angry when i got accused of being arrogant and disrespectful; a little worried (tensed?) when my mentor talked to me (coz i couldn't hear him or answer him).
    Second dream: scared, alarmed and slightly irritated (why isn't anyone worried that something strange is happening?!!).

    Feel free to discuss about it.

    Another point is that, my sister lives in the US and i'm in India.


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