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Thread: The Dream Diary

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    The Dream Diary

    This thread is for everyone who has had a dream and must share it!

    Every once in a while I wake up from a dream and just think...WTH was that all about, sometimes I feel scared, sometimes I feel excited, other times I feel sad.
    Most of the time I really want to share the dream experience with someone to get it out of my system.

    Any type of dream is welcome but you might wanna spoiler it if you're discussing mature content, label it as such. (Mature 18+)

    Please follow this format when replying with your dream

    Dream description:
    How it made you feel:
    Would you like feedback?:
    Additional (optional):

    Discussion relating to dreams and feedback Only, if you want to spam with useless junk please go to the chatterbox.

    Nice links related to dreams:
    Dream Views
    Dream Moods

    (Feel free to suggest more nice dream related links)

    I'll start with a dream i had like a week ago.

    My dream.

    My teeth were falling out, this was a horrifying dream! multiple teeth were falling out and I was trying to put them back in D:

    I ended up putting them in a jar and making my way to a dentist/hospital

    This dream made me feel: Worried and scared lol

    No feedback required but you can if you want :3

    Additional: Dream Dictionary taken from DreamHawk

    Teeth falling out: If all your teeth are falling out it often links with feelings to do with ageing and loss of your good looks. Sometimes the feelings are acute enough to link with fear of death, even in young people. But this deals also with the feelings to do with loss of power, loss of ability to express. One dreamer says she dreams this when she feels she is not being understood, or being effective, or feels unable to communicate.

    Your Turn~
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