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    Dream description: I don't know exactly anymore since I can't remember my dreams for a very long time (which means by this time I already forgot or almost forgot the dream I dreamt the night before) but I'll try to describe it as best as I can.
    It started with me and my friends driving through a street to get ice cream. After we bought ice cream, we went back to our houses. Mine was an one-room apartment on the third floor and it had dark blue curtains for some reason. When I got home, I closed the curtains but I left a small gap between the curtains. Next, I noticed a boy from my class was looking at me through that gap. He lived in the apartment across the street. I had my clothes on, fortunately (that was what I thought when I woke up, strange, I know). Anyway, this boy was looking at me and then he came in my room. And the next moment we were kissing and that's the moment I woke up. (As you know, I am a girl - just saying, because if I would be a boy, this dream would be even more strange) It made me feel really weird. It was also strange that we were kissing, because I really hate that boy. So what do you think this means? Because I really want to know. And this dream keeps returning every week or so. So it must mean something, right?
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