Recently, I was looking to make a one-shot manga that I would write, while letting someone else draw. I came up with an idea that is slightly detective, and slightly psycological.

Title: Memorino
Basic Plot: A person named Uranaishi gains the ability to reach into peoples minds, not physically, but mentally, and learn there knowledge. He is given the power whenever he witnesses a murder, and realizes that the culprit is in the crowd. He invouluntarily gains the knowledge that he needs to make the murderer confess. Afterwards, he doesn't know who gave him the power. He recieves a letter that tells him he has a choice. He can use it for good, selfless reasons, or he can be selfish with the power, helping only himself. The letter also states that if he can't decide in three days,than something life changing will happen. He is indecisive by the time limit, and his soul splits in two. The second part creates a new body, and names itself Chenji. This part has the power to block off or alter anyones memory or mind, and make them mindless zombies that must do his bidding. Uranaishi later gains a new power, one that can restore anyones memory. They fight through puppets. In the end the person who gave them there powers, Hatsuden, grants them a final power that will bring an end to one, or the other.