(I based this on The Warded Man I only added different characters , wards, and talking animals. )

The world was not always as we see it know, there was a time when humanity lived in balance with the demons. Those years are called the Age of Ignorance; it was a time before wards. The Age of Ignorance was a scary time for human, but there was less demons back then and they couldnít kill everyone. Much like today, humans would build up what they could and the demons would tear it down each night.
We struggled to survive adapted, learning how to hide food and animals from the demons. We lived in holes in the ground so they couldnít fined us.
We lived anyway we could, until we discovered writing. From there it wasn't long until we found writing that could hold back the demons, called wards. We practiced wards, more and more until someone found a ward that could even hurt them.

The demons did not take well to this advancement. They fought back, and hard, thus the beginning of the First Demon War, the second age, the Age of the Deliverer. Magical tactics grew and humans began living longer. There was hope that we could stop the demons all together, and soon they top showing up at all. Humanity rejoiced in there victory, but as many years passed without a common foe, the brotherhood of men grew strained. For the first time we fought agents each other. As war sparked, the Deliverer was called upon by all sides to lead, but he shouted ĎIíll not fight Ďgainst men while a single demon remains in the Core!í He turned his back, and left the land s as armies marched and all the lend fell into chaos.

From these wars arose powerful nations, mankind spread far and wide, covering the entire world. The Age of the Deliverer came to a close, and the Age of Science began. The Age of Science was our greatest time but in that time was out biggest mistake. We forgot magic.
After three thousand years the demon where thought to have never existed. The demons multiplied over the centuries. The three hundred years ago, they rose from the Core one night in massive numbers to take it back. Whole cities where destroyed in the first night. Men fought back, but even our greatest weapons had little affect. The Age of Science came to a close and the Age of Destruction took hold.
They look in there history desperate for answers, the old science was not help, but they found salvation at last in old stories once considered fantasy. Men began to draw clumsy symbols in the dirt, preventing the demons from approaching. The wards still ward, but nerves hands make mistakes and that could lead to disaster. Those who survived gathered people to them, protecting them through the nights. Those men became the first Warders.
Still no one could find the ward that hurt the demons, and some fought but not with much strength.

It was not until a few months ago that someone had chosen to fight the demons and had much success. Aida, Brandon, and Ulrika. Iím sure you've heard of them and how they are scorned, no?
Many children praise them, but the adults find it a waste of time, they scone the three, trying to make the children think the same. But this is only the beginning, only the start of what may become a revolution. Iím sure you would like to come along, become the best at what you are. Make a better living with yourself.

Magic?(Please not all, you can be powerful without magic):
Bio(Put your occupation at lest, ps this is in the future, but all the technology is gone so 'older' jobs. Like farmer or blacksmith, or messenger, ext.) :

Appearance(Try to match type, besides that it doesn't matter):
(Demons aren't smart, just powerful. They donít have motives they just kill. They only come out at night; they come out of the ground)

Talking?(Please not many talking, like three):


Name: Aida
Age: 15
Gender: F
Appearance: http://images.quizilla.com/L/luna-ro...uizzesCalm.jpg
Long shirt, pattered pants and tall leather boots.
Equipment: She chooses not to carry much with her, but she has a small pouch of gold for food, she does also care a few herbs for healing but mostly uses her own magic.
Magic?: She has limited magic, but has made a staff with wards to heal and limited fire control.
Weapon?: She has a small dagger in her left boot, and her short staff.
Bio: She travels town to town killing demons. The rest is a mystery to all besides Ulrika.
Other: Ulrika was her first friends, and first summoning.

Name: Brandon
Age: 13
Gender: M
Appearance: http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/i...49/warrior.jpg
Equipment: His weapon, water, two wards and some rope.
Magick?: If you count his ability to make stong defence wards then yes, besides that no.
Weapon?: In pic.
Bio: He was a messenger until he met Aida and Ulrika battling a demon; soon he decided to help them, but he is still working as a messenger.

Name: Ulrika
Type: Wolf
Age: Unknown
Appearance: http://api.ning.com/files....ash.jpg
Pet?: Yes
Talking?(Please not many talking, like three): Yes
Bio: TBR


(Name ideas
http://baby-names.adoption.com/origin/old-english.html )