Aryyna looked shocked for a few terrifying seconds before she laughed. "You're honest. I like that. And you should be afraid of me." She kissed Neitar deeply. "I'm pretty fucking hardcore, you know. Could turn you into all sorts of things. Or just explode you. Or melt you. Or lots of things. But why would I? You haven't done anything to piss me off... Right?" Another kiss and a laugh.

"There are plenty of priestesses. Plenty of priestesses here, even. Except Cyryssa. You can't kill her. She owes me money still." Aryyna laughed softly, but then seemed to get serious. "Look at you. You actually love her, don't you? Your Hwesta? Like my Draeva?" Aryyna saw Neitar nod no and poorly lie, blushing as she did.

"Well, look," Aryyna sounded slightly annoyed, "if you're not going to be honest with me, I can't help you. If that's the case, kill the bitch then. The Goddess'll like that. 'Sides, you'll probably be doing some of the other priestesses a favor." She shrugged. "Personally, I love my Draeva and I think she's the best fucking thing that ever happened to me. But that's me." She kissed Neit and gave her a mocking little smile, equal parts cruel cattiness and friendly teasing. "Guess I'm just a better mom, eh?"