"Thanks for the heads upe. And yes. I have three darlings, infacte." Neit added simply, not bothering to account the males. "They perhaps thinke I'm a liddle manipulative, through, perhaps... So we don'te talk so muche. I thinke maybe that's for the beste?..."

She didn't particularly hate them, in all honesty, but the lean woman had spent so much time manipulating and twisting people with nice words throughout her life, that being nice to someone who you could basically just order around didn't seem worthwhile. It always ended up feeling like you were preparing to attack them, even... Thus, distance had always been the lesser evil. Perhaps, in some twisted way, that was only way Neit could think of to grant them some sense of respect and personal freedom. It wasn't a pleasantry she granted to anyone else, anyway.

"...Ite may be a shamefule thinge to say, bute I do perhaps find my lackies more entertaining in their struggle not to be so abhorrente... There is so muche less to ruine d'ere."

"...You and Draeva are astonishingly close, comparatively..." She knew she was treading on thin ice, but chose to try and unravel their oddball relationship anyway. "I wondere exactly how ite is thate you became this way, even... Did... Did she save your life, if ite is not too pryinge of a questione?"

The only other option was the kind of thing you didn't generally bring up in polite conversation.