Neitar let of a depraved grunt of pleasure before pulling the smile back in, suddenly feeling disgruntled about her loss of self control. It wasn't like her to rise to a challange, but having kindness thrown back in your face was the one thing the Drow woman couldn't stand.

An ungratefull hand snatched the phylactery from Despoina's grasp, and after a pause, the other slapped the medusa robustly across the side of the face.

Unwilling to put any more effort in, Neitar just retracted her mental grasp then and there, and watched the monster-woman fall to the floor disgustedly.

"I've hadda enough ofe this shithole, Rynna." It was a scowl, practically under her breath. "But ife you can thinke of any more questions, now woulde be a good time."