(Neit has no actual ranks in Knowledge: Local, so the result is 10 for both. You can use Knowledge skills untrained, but the highest DC/Result is 10.)

Kuttra Taur's alien ghetto was, like any other alien ghetto, and thus in many ways like a Drow city. It had no written laws - although the residents might make some of their own - and essentially was run by whoever could throw around their weight enough to get everyone else to acknowledge them - and who didn't rile the Valsharess the wrong way. Given the area around Kuttra Taur, most likely the ghetto was full primarily of Duergar, Orcs, and possibly some surface races that found themselves in the Underdark for whatever reason.

They were allowed to live in ghettoes like these, relatively free of Drow predation, provided they payed tribute (which included sacrifices for Lolth, in addition to riches) to the Valsharess, didn't enter the city proper on penalty of death, and didn't "stink up the place too bad you filthy animals."

Sometimes a Drider or two would be stable enough to make her home in an aliens ghetto, although whether the Drow would tolerate such things depended on the nature of the Valsharess and the local priesthood.

In the case of Kuttra Taur's ghetto, it was a sort of umbilical city located just outside the city proper's walls. Unlike Kuttra Taur proper, the ghetto was constructed from more traditional materials, and was illuminated by torchlight or fungal sources in most areas, although the higher-class areas were able to afford magical lighting.