"Oh good, you came out! I wasn't sure which one of you was in charge here..." Neit gave off a coy smile, speaking in unusually soft undercommon. Her rapier was still out of it's sheath, but lowered at her side. "Teleporting or charging in would have made sense if I was intent attacking, deary. You can relax... At least as long as you are willing to listen to what I have to say, anyway. Getting all the way out to this cesspool was not an entertaining feat."

"See our big freind over there?" The crowish woman politely hinted towards the troll. "See the little sacks of presents that he's bought along? I'm here to make a deal, pure and simple."

~You're not intending on making me waste a boring journey, are you?~ She was still smiling, and the words flowed out like gleaming mercury, but... They were not words exiting her lips. More like the soothing whispers of a woman leant against your shoulder.

One could feel... the warmth of another body upon them?...