After a few more minutes of lobbing psionic death beams at the sleeping monster, Neit suddenly got to her feet and wrestled the cramp out of her hand.

"Got an' idea, hun. Please keepe, erm... Killin' 'im."

A dark blobbish flare later, and the crowish thing had vanished into thin air.


It wasn't too hard to find Taldi. Neit already knew which local dive was her favorite; It was the one with the big glowy statue out front which looked kinda like her. Or totally was her, according to Taldi. As luck would have it, she was in there, too.

"Hey there candycaps!" She wrapped her arms around the roudy woman from behind and kissed her ear, directing interrupting the conversation Talders was already having. "I need 'ur helpe with somethinge. Somethinge bige. Somethinge really really bige. Righte now. Can't waite. You won't be sorry."

"You gotta bunche loada slaves 'andy? ( ̄~ ̄)"