Neit rubbed the pain out of her neck, and opened her mouth with a haggard smile; Only for it to instantly disappear again before she could start talking, as the Goblin she was smiling towards turned into a fine slush. Damn stupid trolls. What a waste. Goblins were adorable when terrified.

"...Thankse, Alsiffe..." Her voice was a pale, agitated whisper, laced with a little paranoia. "That was risky, but we woulda been screwed ife the big fella knew we were coming."

"One of you sweethearts wanna gete 'dose three worthless human slugse ready? I'm gonna have a peek aheade."

Cautiously, with her back to the pillar, Neit surveyed the path ahead. She was well aware that dealing with even a younger dragon was like dealing with a seasoned wizard. If they were going to spot it before it spotted them, they would have to be either very lucky or very tactful indeed.

The question was, which was better? Make it look like a present? An execution? Allow the humans to try their luck for authenticates' sake?...

Listen and Spot Checks;

1d20+5=18, 1d20+8=21