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Thread: The Beginning of the End (Drow)

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    Neit enjoyed fawning over Taldi for a few short bursts, particularly whenever other Shebali seemed fit to scowl in their direction. It was fun making Drow so jealous so easily, as cheap nobodies as they might have been. She figured that the Talders was probably enjoying it too, at any rate.


    She didn't feel particularly like any of the men Taldi presented to her had it coming to them, but was more willing to simply take them on and decide who to let go latter, rather than explain all of her twisted ideas in detail.

    The witch knew undercommon. Hell, she could communicate directly from brain to brain. But she still spoke Drow, just to see what the dirty sub-Drow things would do.

    "Well aren'te you a pretty bunche." She leant over and smiled, with a falsely warm tone. Her hands were behind her back, and she spoke as if she was speaking nothing but admiration. "I want someone to carry some poison for me, into the mouth of a very alive and very pissed off dragon."

    "Sorry, did you understande thate? I am zo awfule sometimes, I swear..." The language turned to undercommon, slow and sweet, in a way that most people would have found impossible for the inherently grunt-and-slur filled language. The childish, ditzy demeanour was totally unlike how she had been acting minutes before, more like a useless rich bimbo, rather than a maniacal and sombre telepath. "The mean ladyee wanted to do away with you bute I stopped her, see. I jus' couldn' bear the thoughte, no. You wante to do thate favour for me? You were listenin', wern'te you? Oh, dear, no, don'te be scared. I really am the worst... Whate did I tell you a... again?..."
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