The Ilharess was already dressed for the hunt, in a Mithral plate bikini and horned helmet, a Mithral chain loincloth, and - naturally - a fur lined cloak. "It's not a trouble at all. I like you." She said with what sounded like honesty and a genuine smile, kissing Neitar and laughing.


The hunt was, naturally, a big deal, and there were several dozen in the party in total, including Neitar and her cousins. Most were mounted on spiders, while one or two of Aryyna's hunting buddies were riding upon Deep Crows or Rutherers. Aryyna, and Neitar with her, rode atop a mighty Blue Dragon, no doubt purchased or gifted from Great House Maelthra.

They spent a few days in the Upperdark, hunting Trolls and Orcs, but most of their time was spent in the Middledark, spending several days hunting Rutherer, Deep Crow, and other big game. Now and then Aryyna would kill something with a spear, but given her profession and inclination, most of the time she preferred to fry them with her Dragon's breath, or with her fantastic arcane power. And a fair deal of the time, of course, was spent making out with Neit while the Dragon did its thing.

Lots of slaves died, and lots more monsters died. And Neit got to sleep with Aryyna, a lot. All in all, it was a lot of fun.