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Thread: The Beginning of the End (Drow)

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    Hwesta hung off every word, childishly swooned forwards on the bed and using her elbows to prop up her wildly grinning face. She liked to commentate; Along the lines of "Fucke yeah!", "Serves the bitche righ'!" and "Shit ma, thate shoulda been me doin' id!"

    One of the two bodyguards lent in and literally licked Alsiif's present at her behest. Hwesta seemed to regard the little lock of hair like the weirdest gift she'd ever received, but still took it and twirled it around in her fingers...

    "You're... You're suche a fuckin' freak!..." The girl commented after a long pause... Then proceeded to blush up a little and send Alsiif a twistedly amused glance. "I mean, seriously! That's fuckin' sinister-in-the-head behavior! You're... Y-you're adorable!..."

    "Mom! Your friend'is cute as shite!"

    It sounded like a call for approval or something, but Neit wasn't bothered. She had her eyes just next to closed, and had her feet perched into the lap of that rather mousey orc that she liked from before, which was currently giving her a foot massage.

    "We neede ta decide who is keepin' these. I wante this cow. Aryyna would like her... A trolle would be nice too... bute I'm up for negotiationse."
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