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Thread: Kakashi's Character Design

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    Great job on the clothing, it looks very nice, and the shading was really well done. The anatomy is better in the last drawing, then the ones before, so good work there. One more thing, that is one badass afro, yo, ha ha ha. Keep up the nice work, bro.

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    Ahaha, I like this guy. Impressive job on the overall body proportions, and nice job on the musculature - I like the clean lines.

    I'm not sure about his head, but I think it's okay. Considering how buff he is though, his neck is definitely too small. As for what Ged mentioned about the hands, I wouldn't say they seem to have no bones, exactly, but the fingers are a tad large, and he appears to have an extra joint on his right hand (left side of the pic).

    It's clear that you need a bit of practice with feet. Try the Posemaniacs handviewer (beware of nudity). Click the second link from the top on the right hand side of the page, and then drag the foot around until you find a pose to practice drawing. Another thing you might like to try learning is facial proportions.

    Quote Originally Posted by KakashiTheSharingan View Post
    Here's another one! Maybe his head is too small! lol
    Keep it up, man.


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