Lately, I've found myself incapable of taking a side on any current issue, no matter how obvious the answer may seem. It just seems like there is not way to tell whether I'm right or dead wrong. The opinions I hold today seems absurd a year ago, and judgments I've made just months before, I can now no longer believe I even considered. Judging people, judging decisions, judging the proper method of action to resolve a problem; it all seems far too complex to even attempt now. I run into several problems:

1. Misinformation: This is numero uno. There is absolutely no way to tell who's telling the truth, short of a few circumstances. Peer edited scienific articles are often reliable, but often it's a matter of time before another report comes out refuting it. I'd love to trust long-standing facts and common knowledge, but far too often it is dead wrong. And don't get me started with public media. Not to mention, every photo, video, and sound bite I've heard could be forged with today's technology. What can I possibly trust?

2. Lack of knowledge: The only way to be truly sure of information is to educate myself on the matter. Problem is, the people reporting on said issue, or suggesting possible solutions to a problem, have studied this particular field for the majority of their life. How can I expect to properly understand the situation without dedicating just as much time and effort, for EVERY subject I choose to tackle, be it economic, scientific, or political?

3. Importance: Among all this mess, the reason it's an issue to begin with is that I can't ignore it. I can't ignore global warming. I can't ignore the economic crisis. I can't ignore war, or disease, or poverty! And yet to properly determine where I should stand on all these issues, not only moral stances but stances on proper solutions, I must risk being lied to or spend years of my life dedicated to that subject.

What's a guy to do? How do you other members on here make judgments about where to stand on major issues, and what solutions to support?