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Thread: Looking for a Writer!

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    Oh okay i see ^________^

    i hope i can work for you .

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    uploaded some recent work~ and im sure i lowered my security.
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    Hmm, I am wanting to get back to writing comics/manga, so I may be interested in this, but depends what you want to do with the story.

    You say you want this to be a psychological horror, so dealing with inner termoil, emotions and horrific imagery, as oppose to the good old fashion slice em and dice em horrors? If so, then thats fine, but what restrictions would your style put on the writer?

    Do you want the characters to only be of a certain age, so that the manga appeals to a particular age group?

    What 'certificate' would you want the story to be?

    Must the story be set in Japan? Location is a massive part of any story.

    There are many other questions, but get back to me on these, assuming you haven't already started a project with someone else.

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    Restrictions? my style is a very flexible. im always experimenting to see how i can reflect the mood of the story/ character other than by facial expressions.(which are fun in their own way~)
    Hmm.. certain age, I'm best with upper teenaged characters, so i guess that would be the age group.

    can you explain what you mean by 'certificate' of a story?
    Hmm location.. Japan would be fun, however I live western, so I'm more familiar with England and American society/ landscape.

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    Certificate is who the minimim age of the audience should be due to violence, bad language, sexual content etc. Like how movies in the UK are PG, 12, 15, 18.

    If you are looking for a random writer t write you a story, then you need to be interested in the story they are writing, otherwise the whole thing falls down. If you could, sum up in a paragraph a story that you have considered writin so I can get an idea of what exact genre you are aiming for.

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    Hmm, I dont know about the certificate, id say about 14+? although, i should admit rating warnings dont work.( and some they should. *angry face*)
    and for a paragraph story..... Shira lives her life as normal as possible, ever after her parents died in a mysterious accident. She has a crush on the "smart" kid in class, but is too shy to admit it. however, after the forest bordering the side of her home city is beginning to be cut down, there has been strange attacks on the people. they have been found in their home, throats torn out. Shira sees the news reports,and they unlock strange memories of blood, fear, and hunger. as she struggles to figure out herself, her life is falling to ruin as slowly all the people close to her either reject her, or are killed. Shawn, is a student. he goes to the same school as Shiva, and watches as she starts to deteriorate. concerned, he follows her to her house, to see a gruesome transformation. He restrains her, and brings her back to her senses and she turns back. in the end, shiva belonged to a acient line of shapeshifters, and she is a panther. she understands herself, and Shawn is now going to take her away from the city, the home of her pain.

    this is one of my ideas, but i hope you like it~

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    Hmm, it needs some work, but thats not a bad synopsis. Thanks for that, that gives me a better idea of what you are comfortable drawing. Normally when I have written comic scripts I aim at 18+ content, but it would be nice to have a change, I suppose.

    Ok, if you want me to write you a script, I'll do it. I have to think of story first, but that won't take too long. i start a new job tomorrow, so I'm not sure when I will send it over, but I will send over the first 5 pages. I will write it in script format, if you are unfamilar with that format let me know and I'll explain the abbreviations and all.

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    if you want to do 18+ im fine with that, I just dont get into super super perverted stuff found in mature books. blood and gore, i can do.
    and dont worry bout how long, cause im slow. i can read script~

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    Ok, thats great. I'll write out a few pages (maybe not 5, im a bit busy) at first, then you let me know when you're done. I havent decided on a plot yet, so if you want, i can PM you the plots I have in mind and you tell me which one you would prefer to draw. I'll do that as soon as I can. I'm ill at the moment, so I'll do it sometime when I'm better.

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    okay, im looking forward to them! hope you get better!


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