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Thread: Looking for a Writer!

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    I could help. But I prefer to see the styles first, so I can see what kind of approach would be the best. Still I have to warn that I'm made of pure procrastination.

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    Kaminari Miyagi, a highschooler, is on a school trip to a 1000-year temple along with his classmates.
    Once there, strange things start happening to them. Suddenly they are all thrown into a warp and brought to a
    magical world, Tierra! There, Miyagi meets mae sevenfold, a member of the Anti Spell clan who accompanies him
    on to find all of his classmate and bring back them to the world , but then chaos arrive

    Chaos is the king of hell and the God of Emptiness and Confusion! He wants Tierra for himself and tries to conquer

    it with the
    help of the seven princes of hell, the Star family and The Savereign sisters!! He also tries to finish off miyagi

    and his classmates
    by sending powerful demons to attack them because of the fearsome power they possess!!

    Miyagi with his classmates and Mae, embarks on an adventure to find Chaos who is responsible for Tierra's

    misery!Miyagi encounters with
    new friends including Captain Callan Claude, The Elders of Time and Marcus Sevenfold!

    The ultimate truth was forgotten...the true identity of miyagi!

    Who was he??

    For psychological horror type you can pm me i give you the story

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    Please, use the edit button, so you don't have to double post.

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    Yess Sorry :3

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    okay, well first i'm gonna sketch up some stuff and in about half an hour i'll upload a male and female of all three.
    @happytree- sounds like a good action fantasy story~ but before i do anything involving tons of action, i need to work on distorting perspective.

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    If you need a little help editing I'm pretty good with grammar and clarity issues. But only if you're looking for one.

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    you would have ta' check in with my would be writer(s)

    okay, the sketches take all night, so you'll check my gallery in the morn'in....
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    open your gallery for everyone, at the moment its closed.

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    distorting perspective ?

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    Oh, really?! @happytree, where in most action manga, they bend the limbs/ moving objects in strange ways to add speed, a sense of tension, and when they finally clash, it makes it all the more epic. take scenes from naruto, and bleach. or better yet, watch naruto shippuden opening 1 heroes come back. the running scenes are basically distorted moving perspective.


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