Zanx-iie helped pack up Louie's tent, chatting with the older Tarian. Tare waddled around around her chittering and squawking when silence fell. He got in the way but Zanx-iie just smiled and rubbed his beak with a chuckle. He was her good friend. She had raised him from an egg so nothing he did could annoy her.

"So I told him that we needed to rotate the camps every two weeks but, of course, he never listened and we have been here for the past month so it is no surprise they found us. Far too much activity for them not to." Louie strapped her tent fabric onto a back board and Zanx-iie gave her a sly smile.

"You like Dr. Elliet don't you, Louie?" She watched the woman from the corner of her eye. She nodded with a small smile.

"I do. Wait, what? Zanx-iie Tal! You little brat!" The woman aimed a swat at her arm and Zanx-iie gracefully jumped backwards but she trippe over Tare and landed in the dirt. She burst into laughter and Tare hopped onto her stomach with a questioning squawk. This made Zanx-iie laugh even harder, despite the large bird standing on her chest.


General Ramos carefully cleaned his hands and arms of blood and shook his head.

"They will not speak of the where-abouts of their comrades. They were, however, forthcoming about the royal line. Tal, Yeneth, Tugoth, Elliet, Rando. These are the family names. If we can capture just one person with one of these family names, we will win the war. The Tarians are nothing, if not honourable. They would do anything to rescue the royal family and their affiliates." He dried his hands off and left the others to dispose of the dead Tarian slaves. He shook his head. This war was tiring and he wanted it over, sooner rather than later.