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    Taking Toron Aleo OOC

    This is the Out Of Character thread for the RP Taking Toron Aleo. This is the thread you post all questions you have about the RP, discussions about the characters, and where you submit your Character sheets. Now there are a limited number of spots for each class and type to make sure you read this post before you post a character sheet.

    Positions available:
    SPOILER! :

    Galian Positions:

    Royalty Affiliate: 3 available
    High Ranking Military: 1 available, Sylux
    Low Ranking Military: Unlimited
    Rebels: 5 available

    Military Personnel Positions:

    Generals: 2 available
    Lower Ranks: Unlimited
    PoWs: 6 available

    Tarian Types

    Centurian: 5 available, T1B3R1U5
    Lyrin: 5 available, Pax
    Byern: 6 available
    Natul: 5 available, Mistrus
    Fyn: 5 available
    Destroyer Fyn: 1 available

    Tarian Classes

    Royal Affiliates: 1 available, Mistrus, Pax
    High Ranking Military: 1 available, T1B3R1U5
    Lower Ranking Military: Unlimited, Mistrus
    Slave: 6 available



    SPOILER! :
    Name: Zanx-iie Tal
    Age: 168
    Gender: Female
    Type: Water Natul
    Class: Royal Affiliate/Low Ranking Military
    Companion: A dark blue Elet named Tare.
    Eye colour: Bright green
    Skin colour: Pink with a purple hue with darker designs from her time as a slave.
    Appearance: Zanx-iie is on the small side, her height tops out at 5 feet and her weight is around 125 pounds. Her face has a faintly pointed took to it and her eyes are the biggest feature on it. She has a delicate musculature on her frame and quite lean. She has long plum red hair that curls and has a tendency to frizz and tangle. Her nails are retractable claws and she has to be careful when touching things because a simple muscle movement causes her two inch claws to extend, causing damage to what she is touching or grasping. She likes wearing loose clothing in darker colours, they are the ones that manage to hid the scars on her back from the lashings she was given as a slave.
    Personality: Zanx-iie has a soft and ‘mothering’ personality with other Tarians but on the other side if she is crossed she does not ask questions and just reacts. Although she is accepting she is incredibly wary. She has no liking for Galians nor the Universal Military, feelings left over from her time as a Galian slave. She doesn’t trust them and she has no use to get to know them. She is very inquisitive and her curiosity has caused her to get into trouble on many different occasions.
    Skills: She is very accurate in her use of bows and arrows. Her control over her water is still a bit shaky but extremely skilled. She doesn’t like using guns but she finds the communication technology fascinating and likes to learn all about it when new radios and telecommunicators are taken. Her sword play is minimal and she prefers not to use it but carries one around anyway.
    History: Zanx-iie was born into slavery. Her parents, a Byern and a Fyn, were allowed to marry and have a child, a special permission granted only by their Masters and then the Queen. Ten years after her birth and when her water control formed, she was placed in the mines. She was worked until she collapsed from exhaustion. Her father, a Byern, worked in the mines with her, would place her in a small sling across his chest as he finished his work.
    Working in the mines was a bleak existence and the lash of the whip was often. Zanx-iie was placed in the washout area, where she, as well as the other Natuls washed the mined metals, removed the rocks, melted it down, before air drying the bricks. Her father was in charge of pushing the metal laden carts to the surface. Food was scarce and sleep was even more so and life was hard. Many people died of starvation, sickness or exhaustion.

    Zanx-iie never saw her mother, who was a garden grower for a rich Galian family who had moved to Keetlia and as a result she never knew the woman who had birthed her. Her father was her family as well as the rest of the miners she worked with. Every night they would be moved to the slave barracks on the outside of Turen. There Zanx-iie would get lessons on her water control. The barracks were her home and the Tarians inside were her family. They would share stories of their families and life outside the city. She always thought of them as just stories and she knew she would live and die in the mines.

    At the age of eleven she was sold to a Galian family who tattooed her with the family design before sending her back into the mines. The Galian family were paid for her service and Zanx-iie was allowed to remain with her father and the people she grew up with.

    At the age of sixty eight she and her fellow Tarians were rescued from their barracks in the dead of night by the Tarian Force. That night, Zanx-iie was given her first taste of freedom and was informed of her relation to King Alus and Queen Beayet. Her father was King Alus’ second cousin and they were welcomed back into the fold of the free Tarians.
    Freedom was an amazing experience for Zanx-iie and she lived everyday with the same wonder that she had the night where their barracks were destroyed. Her amazement turned into curiosity and she was part of the recovery crew to find the old Tarian strongholds to find their lost texts and scrolls. During one of her expeditions at the age of seventy-five, she discovered a lone Elet egg in a shallow pool of water. After it hatched, she and the gentle bird she named Tare, formed a strong companionship.

    At the age of a hundred and twenty five, Zanx-iie wanted to learn how to fight and wanted to join the Tarian Military. She wished to find and rescue her mother from her enslavement. Her father supported her in her decision as he had been trained for the Military since the night they had escaped. He had travelled up the ranks and had become a high ranking General. Zanx-iie wished to become like him and fight but she was kept out of most of the battles. She was allowed to take part in Raids on slave barracks. She is now a valuable member of Raid force and would be in charge of training if she stayed at the Tarian camp long enough.
    NPCs with you: N/A

    SPOILER! :
    Name: Commander Sylux
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Class: Galian High Ranking Military
    Companion: Varren
    Eye colour: Blue-green.
    Skin colour: Lighter Caucasian.
    Appearance: Like a badass.
    Personality: Predominantly Paragon
    Skills: Very skilled marksman
    History: Ruthless Veteran
    NPCs with you: Jaidurn and Garrus

    SPOILER! :
    Name: General Xanth
    Age: 147
    Gender: Male
    Type: Tarian Centurian
    [B]Class]: High Ranking Military
    Companion: A Hent named Maul
    Eye Color(our?): Silver
    Skin Color: Dark Blue with some shades of purplish red
    Appearance: Xanth has the appearance of someone who should not be crossed for any reason. He has a scar across his right eye that reaches from his forehead done to his cheekbone. His skin has plenty of scars from burns, bullet holes(or whatever they will be called), and has the worn look of someone who has been in many battles. He is muscular to an extent but tends to prefer being able to move quickly than relying on strength. He is approximately 5'3" and weighs about 140-147 Lbs.
    Personality: Xanth's personality is somewhat cynical. He only cares for the orders he is given and everything else just gets in the way of his own retribution and quest for find those responible for his family's death.
    Skills: Xanth's an outstanding tracker and close quarter combat elite. Without any weapons, he can take down an entire group of people in a short amount of time. Xanth's tracking ability is almost legendary and was a skill he had to learn, improve, and "embrace". He's also very skilled in using firearms of the different factions and the Tarian military's own weapons.

    Xanth wasn't a noble or that's what everyone thought. He grew up living in a Military Academy with his father who was also a Military commander himself. He trained day in, day out with only time to stop when he was knocked unconscious or had some of his bones fractured. He was never on good terms with his father who would watch over his training. Their relationship was tense at it's best and dangerous at it's worst.

    Eventually, he became excellent in his training and many speculate it was because he wanted to kill his father. Xanth left the academy with flying colors, but it didn't matter to him. He only cared for the family he didn't know he had until taking a peek in his father's files. He finally found his family and lived with them for some time, but he left for fear that his training would kick in one day and harm them. At the ending of one day, he found his family slaughtered and they were wearing fresh slave tags. He joined the Tarian Military to find the people responsible.

    [NPC's with you]: Saulus and Kia


    SPOILER! :
    Name: Ceril Yeneth
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Type: Lyrin
    Class: Royal Affiliate
    Companion: Silth
    Eye colour: Yellow
    Skin colour: Ivory
    Appearance: Ceril is 5'8", small build, with long blue-black locks. He has scars from the beating he endured as a slave, and a knotted scar of a sparrow in between his shoulder blades from a particularly sadistic daughter of his slave owner. He wears light leather armor and a small dagger strapped to his leg. His transformation is a small black and white fox with the same yellow eyes.
    Personality: He is cunning and manipulative, a charmer of women when it will benifit his current cause. Usually never honest to those he doesn't respect, and is known to put on a front of the docile idiot.
    Skills: Ceril is good at stealth, gathering information, he can dissapear fairly easily, and tracking him down will take skill. He can also wield throwing daggers impressively.
    History: Ceril was a boy when the Galians threw him into slavery. His adolecence was spent as the servent to the home of a richer Galian family, where he was treated badly for his consistent lack of respect. A daughter of his slave owners harbored an unhealthy obsession with him, and the idea of breaking his spirit. He was treated as a lap pet when she would break him down enough that he no longer had the will to resist. For years his resolve was broken as he began to submitted to her will, treated like an animal. Small bouts of insubordination only earned him time spent to starve until the process was repeated. This is something he is most ashamed of and harbors deep hate for her. Ceril was in her chambers when the Tarians began an attack in the night to release slaves. His spirits lifted with hope, he quickly slipped out of the window, meeting up with his people to rejoin the ranks. When his name was taken it was learned his mother a royal affiliate had been killed in the initial Galian invasion and he had now inherited her position. He accepted merely to redeem himself from what he felt was a betrayal to his people when he allowed a Galian to treat him as a house pet. He is usually alone in the forest with his Selth companion, Baisle, gathering information about the movements of the Galian forces, but he has also committed a small number of assasinations.
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