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Thread: Shadow Falling's Work *New Character one-shot*

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    Shadow Falling's Work *New Character one-shot*

    Hello all,

    I used to be a member on here like 2 years ago. Back then, I spent every waking moment thinking up ideas and drawing comics. Unfortunately, I didn't get too much skill to start.

    Good news is, I've had 2 years of practice now, and I'm ready to get some opinions of my work. I think my greatest success thus far was drawing out a whole 24 page Chapter of my first(well, that is successfully completed) manga or comic or whatever you want to call it, Shadow Rising. I scanned it into my computer, but the sketching was too light to be picked up. I do, however, have some sketches I did of a few characters. I would be very interested in seeing what people think, and getting some criticism for it. These are some of my older drawings, I haven't done updated character bios yet, and before you look, please don't mind the hands... I know that is a spot I need to work on.

    And, I just got Manga Studio EX4. This is a character from an ongoing web comic I'm working on right now, which is also my first character ever designed in the program.

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    And here are a few non manga related drawings I have, since I've been doing other kinds of drawings for a LONG time.
    Please feel free to critique, I want info!

    And for a very long time(meaning since I was 7 or 8) I wanted to go into automotive design, so I drew a lot of cars, and to this day, that is probably my most skilled form of design and art. Still, I want to know what you guys think, so here is one.

    Sorry it's sideways, that's the only way it will embed the image.
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    Shadow Falling's Work *New Character one-shot*

    and here is another character for the webcomic. From sketch to inked and toned.

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    Well the only thing i ca say is that you should practice more with your hands and faces. I compare your Chara drawings with your Skull and guns art and the Car/truck one, and it's like two completely different parts of you drew them. Your guns and bones are detailed, your car is amazing but (as the chara's) some shading wouldn't hurt.
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