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Thread: So this is what a manga forum looks like... hmm

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    So this is what a manga forum looks like... hmm

    Believe it or not, but I'm actually an old member from here! It's been five years though, so I've kinda forgotten pretty much everything... and it's changed! Wow, this crazy place got even more interesting!


    Sooo I guess you're probably wondering why I'm posting in the newbie area? Wellll, I don't think any of my old friends are still around so I'm going to try and make new ones! Also, this place has changed A LOT and I really do feel like a newb again. Ahhaaha, and I guess I've changed a lot too. HAH I'm not 14 anymore! That's definitely a good thing (:

    Are there any older people on here, from like ages ago like me?? If so, ring me UP! I think my name had something to do with anime, but my memory's kinda... eh, you know (:

    Also, if anybody's actually interested in, well, me (kinda funnyy that a thing like that could happen, but who knows? It's possible) go ahead and visit my profile.. it says everything you need to know ;D

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