Hey, you know how we have the forum post limit to one post per 30 seconds to stop spambots, etc? Is there a way we can bump it down to maybe 20 seconds? I hate it when I have to sit there for eleven seconds before I can press Submit, and by that time, I'm behind in a lot of the conversations. But if that's not a good idea, I totally understand. C:

The old forum used to prune old threads. Does this one do it too? It's looking like it's not. I don't mind either way, but I was just curious of things were going to stay here forever. XD

And I know I've already posted a thread about Activity Points when the site was still young, but now that I know what they do: are they still around anymore? For instance, in the marketplace it says you can change your custom forum rank for 1000 AP. But I don't see anywhere where AP are listed anymore. /headscratch Am I just being silly, or are they gone?