Indescibable: Thank ya! working on colors this weekend actually.

Afro: That's means a lot, Toriyama is so my hero.

Psy: thanks a ton, my style is fairly cartoony, but I try to blend style and mess with the look.

Gedeon: No Geds, you made my day!

Seefy: It depends, They can take up some time because of the way illustrator works. I've developed some tricks to expedite the process, but it still takes a chunk of time. Most piece take anywhere from 30 min to about 3 hours.

Some pokedoodles to show I aint dead.

Luxray is awesome.

Dudes, according to his heartgold pokedex entry, Rhyperior has holes in his hands that shoot geodudes. Rhyperior might be my favorite Pokemon.

and some sketches for the comic I'm working on.